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Sophie Hunter skeptics are a group of Benedict Cumberbatch fans who hate his wife, Sophie Hunter, and spread malicious gossip about her and her relationship with her husband.



Are the skeptics taking offense because SBCHS called them misogynists? Well, I call them that too. In fact, anybody with a smidge of common sense that peruse their blogs would call them that.

They seem to think that what they’re doing in their blogs is valid criticism.


We are calling you misogynists because of the following things that you are doing on a daily basis:

- Accusing a woman without evidence of being a prostitute, using the stigma suffered by sex workers, to diminish her value and deem her unworthy of being married to your fantasy boyfriend.

- Judging negatively a woman for her choice of going back to work after giving birth.

- Insulting a woman because of the way she looks and dresses: “inbreed look” “gangly and horse-faced” “looks like a man

- Insisting that a woman has no talent and that only gets jobs because of her connections and his husband (see the comments in the post), even though all the reviews have praised her work, and the testimony of the people attending the show has been also positive, including those who have personally met her.

- Saying that if a woman gets complimentary words written about her it’s because she’s either paying for them, or sleeping with people for it.

- Diagnosing a woman with all kinds of mental health problems, in order to use the stigma associated with it to shame her and insult her.

- Perpetuating the stereotype of the woman “who will stop at nothing to trap a man in a relationship, up to and including getting pregnant to do so” (see comments above).

For all these reasons, and sadly, many more, YES, you are all a bunch of misogynists, who, despite fancying yourselves feminists (or womanists) and SJWs, have been hating and trying to knock down a woman just because you can’t accept she married the man you are obsessed with.

At least, have the guts to admit what you are doing, don’t try to put sugar on top of a turd and pretend it’s a chocolate cake.