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Journal Community
Name: Sons_of_Gondor
Date(s): 2003-01-27 - present
Moderator: Savageseraph and Caras_Galadhon
Founder: Savageseraph and Caras_Galadhon
Type: livejournal community
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings RPF
URL: Sons of Gondor

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The Sons_of_Gondor is a LiveJournal community hosting fan fiction and fan art in the Lord of the Rings fandom. The community guidelines allow the posting of fan fiction and art. The majority of postings in the community are stories. The community allows both Fictional Person Fiction and Real Person Fiction featuring characters in the novel and film and the actors in the film who are related to the country of Gondor. Het, gen, and slash/femslash are welcome. Art and fics relating to other films and characters created by the Gondorian actors are also welcome.

The moderators define a "Son (or Daughter) of Gondor" as "a character who is related to a Gondorian family, ruling, in exile, commoner or otherwise, either by blood or by marriage. In FPF, this refers to all Gondorian characters: book, film, appendices or related works. In RPF, this refers to the actors/actresses that played those same characters in Peter Jackson's LotR films.)"