Songs & Sonnets

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Vid Collection
Title: Songs & Sonnets
Vidder(s): Kim Taylor
Date: 1990?
Format: VHS++
Length: just over 24 minutes each
Genre/Theme: het
Fandom (s): Beauty and the Beast (TV)

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Songs & Sonnets is a set of three Beauty and the Beast (TV) music video collections by Kim Taylor.

notes from #1

The vids contain several all-music vids (artists unidentified) as well as poetry (from the show?) set to unidentified music.

They were $17.95 a piece, or $49.00 for all three.

Vid One

This vid ran 24.30 minutes.

notes from #1
  • Everything I Do (music vid)
  • The Glory of Love (music vid)
  • The Wind Beneath My Wings (music vid)
  • Uptown Girl (music vid)
  • Sonnet XXX (music vid/poetry)
  • Sonnet CXVI (music vid/poetry)
  • Imitations of Immortality (music vid/poetry)
  • She Walks in Beauty (music vid/poetry)

Vid Two

This vid ran 24.15 minutes.

notes from #2
  • Right Here Waiting (music vid)
  • Can I Touch You (music vid)
  • Hungry Eyes (music vid)
  • Almost Paradise (music vid)
  • This is the Creature (music vid/poetry)
  • I Arise From Dreams of Thee (music vid/poetry)
  • You Darkness (music vid/poetry)

Vid Three

This vid ran 24.15 minutes.

notes from #3
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast Theme (music vid
  • After All (music vid
  • I Can't Fight This Feeling Any More (music vid
  • The Wedding Song (music vid
  • Acquainted with the Night (music vid/poetry)
  • Longing (music vid/poetry)
  • Love-Song (music vid/poetry)
  • Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (music vid/poetry)
  • First Time I Loved Forever (music vid/poetry)