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Newsletter Community
Name: Sirius News
Date(s): Created on 2006-06-01 - last post 15th-Jan-2012
Moderator: an_fhanai, dead_sexydexy, penster
Founder: moonanddogstar and penster
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Sirius News on LJ

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Sirius News was a newsletter comm that aimed "to provide you with as many links to Sirius-centric news, fic, art, poetry, meta, graphics and challenges as possible!"[1] In January 2012, a mod post announced that the comm would go on hiatus until February "due to rl issues". No further posts were made.[2]

A few important notes:

  • Communities: We'll only advertise new Sirius-centric communities once.
  • Locked & Moderated Communities: We will link to f-locked posts on locked and moderated communities. Watchers are responsible for joining locked communities themselves and abiding by those communities' rules.
  • RPGs: We'll only link to these if Sirius is available to be played.
  • Searches: Any search that includes Sirius as a main character will be linked.
  • Challenges/Contests: We'll link to challenges or contests that are likely to have content featuring Sirius.
  • Recommendations: Lists of recommendations must have a clearly marked Sirius or Sirius/whomever section for us to link to it.
  • From The Archives: An occasional feature in which the editor highlights an item which didn't get the attention it deserved on its release.
  • Editor's Favourite(s): This is the editor's favourite item of the day. :)[1]


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