Sing More Songs of SETI

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Filk Album
Album Title: Sing More Songs of SETI
Producer: Floating Filk Studios
Date: 2009
Fandom: multimedia
Performer(s): H. Paul Shuch, AKA Dr. SETI
External Links: Floating Filk Studios
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Sing More Songs of SETI is a filk CD by F Dr. SETI and the SETIzens. There is also a filk songbook called Sing a Song of SETI. Both the CD and the zine are filks about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

  • 1. Cyclops Scans the Skies (Shuch/Shuch)
  • 2. The Mighty VLA (Shuch/traditional)
  • 3. Project Phoenix (Shuch/A.B. “Banjo” Paterson)
  • 4. Scan Ye Bands in the Morning (Shuch/traditional)
  • 5. Make a SETI Station from the Junk Behind Your Home (Shuch/Bill Sutton)
  • 6. We Look at Starshine (Shuch/Jimmie Davis & Charles Mitchell)
  • 7. The Green Bank Telescope (Shuch/Leslie Fish)
  • 8. When They Build the ATA (Shuch/traditional)
  • 9. Welcome, ETI (Shuch/Jack Segal & Evelyn Danzig)
  • 10. Crazy (Shuch/Willie Nelson)
  • 11. It Takes Time to Talk to ET (Shuch/Roger Bowling & Hal Bynum)
  • 12. The Dish in Evpatoria (Shuch/traditional)
  • Bonus Track: NASA’s Engineers (Shuch/Stan Rogers)