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Gift Exchange
Name: Simblreen
Date(s): 2012-present
Runs: Late October through early November
Moderator(s): Cookiemonsterrsims, Halloweenscones, Justanothersimsblog, Terrahji
Founder: Halloweenscones
Type: The Sims content, including but not limited to custom content, sims, builds, and edited screencaps
Fandom: The Sims
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Simblreen, sometimes spelled Simblrween, is an annual trick-or-treat themed gift exchange for The Sims content on Tumblr. Participating simblrs will post an announcement during that year's Simblreen that they are open to requests for gifts; this is often referred to as "turning your porchlight on". People wanting to receive gifts will then be free to message these blogs privately to receive a treat until the participating blog posts another message that they are closed to requests, frequently referred to as "turning your porchlight off". Content created is often spooky or Halloween-themed, although there are no requirements for themed content and general creativity is encouraged.

Unlike many gift exchanges, participants will typically create their Simblreen treats before they receive requests, so they can give their treat to the requester within the day it was requested. As such, the requester's preferences have little bearing on the gifts they receive, beyond taking note of what type of gifts the participating simblr is offering. There is an expectation that requesters will ask for and receive treats from multiple simblrs, similar to going door to door in Halloween trick-or-treating. Simblrs may also post their treats to the public after the dates of the event.

Unlike the multifandom exchange Trick or Treat, gifts are unanimously known as "treats"; there is no concept of asking for or receiving a "trick". Similarly to contemporary Halloween trick-or-treating, the phrase "trick or treat" may be used by a requester with the expectation of receiving a treat.


On the August 25, 2012, Halloweenscones posted her intention to make an empty house in the Sims for Halloween, to be filled with "sim goodies".

I had an idea!

For Halloween (Simblreen?) I shall attempt to make an empty house on a small lot with decent lighting.

And we can fill it with our sim goodies.

And then…I don’t know.

It’s not a plan, just an idea. :)[1]

After a few other simblrs responded with their interest in joining in, Halloweenscones announced that she would try to organise a Simblreen in October.[2] She then posted guidelines for Simblreen on October 10, 2012,[3] and, after the event went well, posted her interest in organising the event again the next year.[4]

Halloweenscones organised Simblreen again in on her blog 2013, although after some discussion she decided to set the exchange on a weekend, as a week for gifting had been confusing the previous year.[5] The event also included an "advertising" week intended for spreading the word and building excitement, a few days for posting about, using and admiring gifts, and a day for last chance gifting on October 31.[6] She organised Simblreen again in 2014[7] with a similar schedule; this was the first Simblreen to feature treats for The Sims 4, due to the game releasing earlier that year.

Halloweenscones posted a guide to Simblreen on her blog for the 2015 event[8], but also created a central blog known as Simblreen Official. From 2016 onwards, Simblreen has been run through this blog, whose activities include uploading yearly visual guides, uploading yearly schedules, answering questions and reblogging Simblreen content.

In 2020 the blog created an official, optional sign up, intended for making it easier to find blogs who would be offering treats that year. The sign up also allowed participants to include additional information about their involvement, including what Sims game their content would be for, what type of content they would be offering and what dates they would have their porch light on. The 2020 Sign Up lists 342 participants across all four Sims games, although most were offering treats for The Sims 4.[9]


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