Silver City

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Title: Silver City
Publisher: DARK OZ
Date(s): 2018
Medium: PDF
Fandom: Mad Max
Language: English
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Silver City is a zine in the Mad Max fandom. It wrongly claims to be the "first ever MAD MAX Fan Magazine".


Silver City is (as far as I can ascertain) the world's first ever MAD MAX Fan Magazine.

Issue #1 (which is also still available) contains photos of the Australian fan events in 2011, 2013 & 2015.

Issue #2 features articles, interviews, news, information and photos from original cast & crew as well as in depth knowledge from dedicated fans, event attendees, replica vehicle builders, and lots LOTS more!!!


Currently the list of contributors includes: Emil Minty (actor in Mad Max 2), Lindsay Foote (gaffer on Mad Max 1), Przemysław Herman (admin of Mad Max pages on Facebook and YouTube), Ray Smyth (photographer at Wasteland Weekend), Chris Bond (miniature builder), The Dark Clouds ("MFP" music video), Joe at Perfecto Studios (Kickstarter video editing), Melvin Zed (dedicated fan with in depth knowledge), Steve Scholz (cosplay perfectionist), Jim 'Tank' Dorsey (Lord Humongous of Wasteland Weekend), Faye Murman (photographer and documentary maker), Aaron Stevenson ("Welcome to Wherever You Are" documentary & film maker), Alan Potter (brilliant replica vehicle maker), Michael Hughes (Interceptor replica builder/owner USA), Yoshiaki Murata (Mad Max fan from Japan who travels the globe for MM events), Simon Lloyd (Interceptor replica builder/owner AUS), Mark Sexton (Fury Road comic book artist), Peter Pond (Fury Road concept artist), Brendan McCarthy (Fury Road concept artist), Russell MacLeod (Interceptor replica builder/owner UK), Frantz Kantor (cover artist), Arthur Strickland (artist), Katrina Young (artist), Darren Koziol (photographer & DARK OZ editor), Aaron Deneau (artist), Dean Barford (artist), Dominic Fabiani & Max Braun (artist). And to be confirmed: Bertrand Cadart (Mad Max actor and bike designer), Kjell Nilsson (Mad Max 2 actor), Terry Gibson (Mad Max stunts), Eddie Beyrouthy (Mad Max documentary maker), The Mad Max Museum (in Silverton, Australia), and more...