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Synonyms: signal boosting
See also: Social Justice and Fandom
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"Posting to a community forum (mailing list, social networking site, discussion board) in hopes of getting more attention for an event or cause. ."[1]

In the fandom world, signal boosting can be used for a wide variety of reasons and causes, from serious to silly. It has been used in posts to raise awareness about an upcoming event and in pleas for financial help or to rescue a pet. On occasion, the request to "boost the signal" is accompanied by a guilt trip:
In general, however, most signal boost are accompanied by polite requests:
"...if you feel like this should be spread around I highly suggest it." (differently worded request for the same signal boost).[3]

Examples of Usage

"Signal boosting is just the modern day chain letter. Worthless. Annoying. Requires no critical thinking. Is just as likely to spread false or misleading information as good information. And gives people the false sense that they've done something useful when all they've done is hit a few buttons. It's spam."[4]
"I dislike the term "signal boost" so much that I automatically ignore any post that uses it, even if it's about an issue or cause I would have otherwise been interested in."[5]

Additional examples can be found at the tumblr tags: signal boost please and please signal boost. There are also a few tumblr blogs devoted to siganl boosting: fuckyeahsignalboosts and signal-booster.


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