Sign Language

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Fraser/Vecchio Fanfiction
Title: Sign Language
Author(s): SDWolfpup
Date(s): 2006
Length: 12,800 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here
online at AO3

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Sign Language is a Due South Fraser/Vecchio story by SDWolfpup.

Author's summary: "The bad news was that the room was small, cold, and looked like it had been decorated by a ten-year-old kid who had wet dreams about warp cores. The good news was that it had a fully-stocked mini bar. The really bad news was that it only had one bed, but Ray had high hopes that the good news was going to help him forget about that."

Reactions and Reviews

One of the things I love best about Due South is the way it mixes genuine emotion and connection with surreal wackiness that somehow all comes together in the end. SDWolfpup's pulled that off here, blending a delicate, fragile movement toward a deeper relationship with... a case about fruit and a stakeout gone bad. I'm also a complete sucker for that moment when one person makes the leap of faith and dares to reach for his partner in a non-platonic way, and this one left me breathless with delight. This is good stuff, here. [1]

This is another of my very favorite dS fics, and another one I'm thrilled to be able to rec—it completely sold me on Fraser/Vecchio even before the show had managed to. It reads amazingly like an episode: SDW's Fraser and Ray voices are fantastic, and there's Dief and Dead!Bob and a stakeout and a bizarre imprisonment and a running joke about loquats and possible nefarious activities on the part of Girl Scouts, and I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud while reading it. And then, running underneath all of that, there's a sweet, swoon-inducing love story—illustrating at every turn just how well these guys know each other, how well they work together, how bad they want each other, and how unsure they are of exactly what to do about that—culminating in a breathtaking slow burn of a first time. Which, of course, makes it even better than an episode. [2]


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