Sherlock Fan Orchestra

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Name: Sherlock Fan Orchestra
Date(s): 2012-ongoing
Founder: Matt (Co-Producer and Musical Director), Alicia (Co-Producer and Marketing Director), Elliot (Arranger)
Type: virtual orchestra and choir
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
URL: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, Soundcloud
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The Sherlock Fan Orchestra is a virtual orchestra and choir founded in 2012 that performs musical selections from the BBC television series Sherlock. The orchestra releases its performances online in the form of YouTube videos and mp3 audio files. It was inspired by the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra[1], with which it shares some members.


Title Release Date Participants Soloists
Sherlock Main Theme 16 Mar 2012 over 70 submissions n/a
Pursuit 21 Aug 2012 97 submissions from 68 participants n/a
SHERlocked 5 Feb 2014 142 submissions from 108 participants Terry Spinelli (violin), Ruth Chamberlain (flute), Jutta Wagner (piccolo), Kim Weiss (harp), Claudia Lo (piano), Alex F (piano)
Moriarty Suite forthcoming