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Title: She Squared Podcast
Created by: N. Lance
Date(s): 2020-present
Focus: Femslash fanfiction and pairings
Fandom: Multifandom
External Links: Tumblr
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She Squared Podcast is a fandom podcast hosted by N. Lance. The podcast focuses on femslash and sapphic pairings through interviews with fanfiction authors and artists, analysis of show subtext, discussions with guest stars, and fanfiction readings. On 7th October 2023, the official description read:

The podcast that gives voice to the written word of your favorite femslash pairing. Celebrating our favorite femslash pairings, fanfictions authors, and fan artists through interviews, readings, rewatches and more!

Episode List

She Squared Podcast
Episode Number Release Date Title Fannish Topics Include Direct Link
1 Dec 6, 2020 Love is for the Birds by SwanqueenGranger Once Upon a Time, SwanQueen, Podfic X
2 Dec 6, 2020 Wild Geese by Problematick Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Seven, Podfic X
3 Dec 6, 2020 An Impossible Task by Imrryr (Part 1) Mass Effect, Commander Shepard/Liara T'Soni, Podfic X
4 Dec 11, 2020 An Impossible Task by Imrryr (Part 2) Mass Effect, Commander Shepard/Liara T'Soni, Podfic X
5 January 15, 2021 I Want This, I Want Us, I Want You by Waknatious Supergirl, SuperCat, Podfic X
6 February 22, 2021 A Conversation with Avalance author Gabna43 Avalance, Legends of Tomorrow, SuperCat, SwanQueen X
7 March 21, 2021 I Walk The Line by Gabna43 Legends of Tomorrow, Avalance, Podfic X
8 July 5, 2021 All things Avalance and a discussion of Batwoman Legends of Tomorrow, Avalance, Batwoman X
9 July 7, 2022 Oh Motherland Motherland: Fort Salem, Sapphic Show Cancellations X
10 August 14, 2022 The Talder Episode Talder, Motherland: Fort Salem X