Shattered (Houseki No Kuni zine)

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Title: Shattered
Editor(s): Jax Nguyen
Date(s): 2018
Medium: Print and digital
Size: 40 pages, B5
Fandom: Houseki no Kuni
Language: English
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Shattered is a Houseki no Kuni fanzine showing off the work of 32 amazing artists gathered together to share their love of a series beautiful and full of life. Throughout the series, the gems are shattered often, emotionally and physically, and many key moments are highlighted through this breaking. Shattered explores this concept of 'shattering' through the lens of these artists.


Jax Nguyen | Charibdys | Saleha Chowdhury | xrnoodle

Wendy Lian Martin | Mochaqt | coshkunz | Triangle Art

Konveekou | cosmicloak/glimsprout | Honke | dokiokio

rui | Yoel Arcenio | ぴょ鳩 | toripng

Bokchois | Violet Tsubaki | Iso | pemprika

Rockafiller | Yutaan | Augi | LisaPearce

gingerfoam | corviday | emilyhancock | linaeyaiin

matomiki | sketcheddy | arkrevner | Cinna Marol