Shadow of the Bookman

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Title: Shadow of the Bookman
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): ButterflyGhost
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2014
Medium: print
Size: full sized double-columned
Genre: slash
Fandom: Due South
Language: English
External Links: publisher
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Shadow of the Bookman is a gen Due South novel by ButterflyGhost. It was published in two volumes, each with two parts.

cover of volume #1, Rose Malmaison

This four part series in two volumes is completely finished and has been edited for publication. Cover art by Rose Malmaison

Warnings: Rape/Non-Con/Child Abuse/Violence

Volume 1

Shadow of the Bookman 1 contains 221 pages.

Summary: A horrifying secret in the Vecchio family closet is used against Ray Vecchio by the FBI to blackmail him into going to Las Vegas... into becoming "The Bookman".

cover of volume #2, Rose Malmaison

Volume 2

Shadow of the Bookman 2 contains 168 pages.

Summary: Ray's undercover life as Armando Langoustini continues until he satisfies the feds. Only then, can he come home. But can anyone really ever come home? Especially someone who has been so deeply undercover?