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Severitus is a type of Harry Potter fan fiction in which Severus Snape is really Harry's father. Sometimes the story is AU from the beginning, and sometimes it starts out more canon-consistent and Snape is only revealed to be Harry's father later on. Others, like Aspen in the Sunlight's popular A Year Like None Other,[1] where Snape adopts Harry, do not actually have Snape as Harry's biological father (and thus may not be considered Severitus by some), but provide many of the same things people are looking for in a Severitus fic.

Originally, Severitus meant only fics that followed all the guidelines set out in the Severitus Challenge, but through fannish drift, it has come to mean any story where Snape is a father (or father figure) to Harry. Sometimes fics which do not satisfy the challenge guidelines, or in which Snape is not Harry's biological father, are called Sevitus.[2]

These stories can be slash, but are most often gen.


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