Serious Police Work (The Bill zine)

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Title: Serious Police Work
Publisher: John Tipper
Editor(s): John Tipper and Y S Hintz
Date(s): 1992-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: The Bill
Language: English
External Links: some of the fiction is online here
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Serious Police Work is a gen and het The Bill anthology. It has a sister zine, Serious Police Work Newsletter.

"I published a regular fanzine, SPW, the first issue appearing in 1992 and the last and 12th issue, in 1996. Issues averaged from 24 to 48 pages. These contained articles on the characters, news clippings, fanfic and letters from fans. More than 1200 copies of the first issue were sent out, due mainly to an article in Sydney's Herald newspaper in February, 1993. More than a thousand letters were received from readers wanting copies over a three-month period. The work load became too much so I discontinued the fanzine, despite offers to turn it into a professional publication. This was due in part to the arrival of ETV, the magazine on emergency TV. ETV was a great publication while it lasted. Web sites have now made such publications redundant." [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

The Bill 1 October, 1992 32pp A5

  • Sun Hill Personnel Past & Present
  • The Language of TB..CLG
  • Serious Police Work Pt.1..fic..CLG
  • An Eye on TB..tiptruck

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

The Bill 2 Summer 1993 40pp A5 Cover(C)Jason Towers INCLUDES

  • Serious Police Work Pt.2..fic..CLG

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

The Bill 3 Autumn 1993 48pp A5 Cover(C)Jason Towers INCLUDES

  • Ep#371 Lest We
  • It's A Good Job, Sometimes..fic..CLG
  • Too Good to Refuse..fic..CLG
  • By the Book..Monroe, in-depth..CLG
  • In From the Off..CLG & TB
  • Bookshop Bust..fic..tiptruck

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

The Bill 4 Winter 1993 40pp A5 Cover(C) Phil Cornell INCLUDES

  • 13Q Graham Cole interview..E Merrett
  • My Experiences at TB..E Merrett
  • Serious Police Work Pt.3..fic.CLG
  • Under the Weather..fic..CLG

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

The Bill 5 Spring 1993 40pp A5

  • Poles Apart..Roach & Brownlow..The Relationship..CLG
  • Specials..Brief look at duties..CLG
  • Ep #35 Not without

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

The Bill 6 Summer 1993 40pp A5

  • The Short Straw, done & Dusted..CLG
  • On Location:High Hopes etc..E Merrett
  • 3 of Sun Hill's Finest (Meadows, Stringer, Conway)..R Bird
  • CI OPS to CLO..Conway, a look..CLG

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

The Bill 7 Autumn 1994 36pp A5

  • Yorkie Smith in-depth
  • We Don't Need Another Hero..Avon
  • Interview with Bill rep
  • We Care for London - The Met
  • Ep#93 Saturday Blues
  • From Typewriters to Truncheons..fic..US

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

The Bill 8 Winter 1994

  • CLG interviews Colin Tarrant-short!
  • Ep#82 Digging up the
  • Sgt Tom
  • Wit & Wisdom of Frank Burnside..R Bird

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

The Bill 9 Spring 1994 20pp A5

  • Avon interviews Simon Rouse
  • 3 Wise Coppers:Frazer,Wray,Reid
  • Report on Geoff McQueen's death

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

The Bill 10 Summer 1994-5 20pp A5

  • The Best of Frank Burnside..A Derian
  • Past,Future,Present..Avon
  • 5 original cast members-promo i/views
  • PC171 Reg Hollis..look at..R Bird
  • Always a Prat?..Reg..CLG look at

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

The Bill 11 Autumn 1995 20pp A5

  • Cover(C)Phil Cornell
  • Him
  • 37 Years of Policing..Jim Brennan
  • Reports on Colin Tarrant & Simon Rouse visit to Oz

Issue 12

cover of issue #12

The Bill 12 Summer 1996 28pp A5

  • Ep #55 Nothing But theTruth ..fic..CLG
  • Romance in TB..Soo & CLG
  • Debrief..fic..CLG
  • Ep #22 In-depth Whose side are You On?

Christmas Special 1

cover of Christmas Special #1

The Bill Christmas Special 1 1993, all fanfic, 40pp A5

  • Caught & Bowled..Stringer..CLG
  • Datta's Day..Norika..N Harvey
  • Fire & Rain..Ackland & Garfield..CLG
  • Hole in One..Norika..CLG
  • Spirit of the Game..Stamp & Quinnan..CLG
  • Strictly Speaking..Stamp, Garfield, Quinnan..CLG
  • Things that go Bump..Hollis & Stringer..CLG & Y S Hintz
  • Loxton's Lager Louts..Peters, Monroe, Loxton..Robbie Peel

Trojan Horse Special

cover of Special Issue, "Trojan Horse"

The Bill Special Issue 1993, 16pp A5

  • Any Place, Any Time..fic..Alec Peters through the times of 'Trojan Horse'
  • Episode 228 Trojan Horse, in depth
  • Ken Melvin official notes
  • Life & All That..fic..Brownlow
  • All by CLG