Seeking Grace: The Everwood Archive

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Name: Seeking Grace: The Everwood Archive
Date(s): May 2003[1] - unknown, possibly 2009[2]
Founder: Jenn, J, and Shelley?[3]
Type: het, slash, gen
Fandom: Everwood
URL: (defunct)
Seeking Grace (Wayback)
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Seeking Grace was a Everwood fanfiction archive that also housed screencaps, transcripts and other resources. It had a LiveJournal community dedicated to updates and announcements for the archive.

The archive used the system "Automated Archive version 3.1".

Authors Archived



  1. ^ trinaest announces the archive at LJ
  2. ^ Wayback only goes until 2009
  3. ^ About "Seeking Grace"page lists J and Shelley coming up with the idea and Jenn is the writer of the essay.