Secrets Ghost

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Title: Secrets Ghost
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Author(s): Neon Press Gang
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2014
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Magnificent Seven, Harry Potter
Language: English
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Secrets Ghost is a gen 122-page Magnificent Seven fusion with Harry Potter novel by The Neon Gang.

Description from the Publisher

A Magnificent Seven gen novel by The Neon Gang, set in the Horsefeathers Academy AU. This is a Little Britches AU as well -- in this case all of the boys are kids. It is also a Harry Potter AU, but one that is set in the United States, and being the US, we don't do things exactly like they do in England; we have our own ways and our own names/words for things, but the basic ideas from the HP books hold true here as well. The story takes place just as Harry heads off to Hogwarts for his first year. However, we are opting to use the copyright date for the US book release, so it's 1998, which lines up oh so nicely for the airing of the original Mag Seven series. So, yes, we are taking a few liberties with the original, but if you've read the HP books there will be lots of things that you'll recognize, and lots that will be new. NOTE! This story was posted in sections to an on-line list. [1]


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