Second Chance and A Cold By Any Other Name

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Title: Second Chance/A Cold By Any Other Name
Date(s): 1989 (original UK edition); 1990 (official reprint for North American distribution by Peg Kennedy & Bill Hupe)
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Second Chance/A Cold By Any Other Name is a 77-page British gen Star Trek: TOS zine with three stories by Kay Stagg

front cover

The stories originally appeared in other zines.


  • "Second Chance" (Spock is cloned and out to destroy Kirk and the Enterprise. Loyalty and friendship are tested to the limits.) (previously appeared in Star Gate #1)
  • "A Cold By Any Other Name" (When Kirk gets a cold, everyone on the Enterprise knows about it.) (previously appeared in Star Gate #2)
  • "In Retrospect" (a short-short about Admiral Morrow thinking on what went wrong with his expectations of Kirk in repsects to the Genesis planet.) (previously appeared in Mutara)