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Name: Scryer
Dates: 2014 - Present
Type: Search Engine
Fandom: Multifandom
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Scryer is an open-source alternative search engine for It was created by the community and was launched in February 2014.[1] Being open-source, it is a community project but it is more notably headed by Lord Ravenclaw.

Scryer allows users to perform more in-depth searches of comparable to AO3 such as being able to configure filters for fandoms, titles, summaries, word counts, posted dates, updated dates, etc.

Only around 100 fandoms are currently indexed on Scryer but new fandoms can be requested and added at the operator's discretion.[2]

While it currently only supports, there were plans to integrate other fanfiction sites such as FicWad,, and Archive of Our Own. [1] However, at least for AO3, those attempts were ultimately unccessful.[3]


Homepage (Light Mode)

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