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Name: Scribbulus
Owner/Maintainer: The Leaky Cauldron
Dates: March 2006-September 2011
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Scribbulus is the essay section of The Leaky Cauldron.

The essays were all written by fans.

The twenty-eight issues of Scribbulus are here.


Scribbulus is THE place for Leaky Cauldron readers to submit their essays and opinion pieces!

The idea behind Scribbulus came straight out of The Leaky Lounge, our forum, where the in-depth discussions were getting very lengthy, very frequently. Our readers needed a place to share their long, well-thought-out theories – the same way we needed a place to showcase these excellent pieces of literary work!

In each edition you’ll find a variety of essays, which cover a multitude of topics about the world of Harry Potter. The Scribbulus staff chooses each essay carefully and our editors work closely with the essay authors to make each essay terrific! Scribbulus editions are released on the first of every month, so bookmark us and come back often. Enjoy!

Issue 1

Scribbulus 1

March 2006

  • Alchemy and Harry Potter (Part I) by: Arianrhod
  • A Dozen Reasons Why Albus Is Deader than a Dumbledorenail by: Mr Granger
  • Even Zacharias Smith Came Around by: The Guru of Sloth
  • Dumbledore is Not Dead by: Gumshoe
  • The Astrological Puzzle of Tom Riddle by: Witherwings
  • Harry Potter and the Third Reich by: WaggaWaggaWerewolf
  • Dwelling on Dreams by: Towerdweller
  • Jo Captures the Canon by: nowgirl
  • Dumbledore's Man by: HawthorneAndPhoenix
  • The Four Pillars of Hogwarts: The Founders by: Prongs Patronus
  • The Chosen One by: Demitrias
  • Cracking the Riddle-in-Harry by: Normal_LeStrange

Issue 2

Scribbulus 2

April 2006

  • Half Blood, Half Prince by: towerdweller
  • It's Only a Kids Book by: NooneYouKnow
  • Severus Snape: An Astrological Portrait by: Witherwings
  • The Secrets of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place by: Snitch2006
  • Harry Potter and the Great Battle within the Church by: Poconobarb
  • Why Harry Picked Ginny, Rather Than Hermione, As A Romantic Partner by: Gowdie
  • Things Kept Secret by: Davidenglish
  • Harry Potter and the Osiris Connection by: clunycat
  • Alchemy and Harry Potter (Part II) by: Arianhrod
  • To Seize or to Receive Power by: spectrespecs
  • The Mystery of the Number Seven by: MemyselfnI
  • Close Your Eyes, and Think of Hogwarts by: ScottPerezFox

Issue 3

Scribbulus 3

May 2006

  • Sirius and Buckbeak: A Hero's Journey by: Gwynog'srabbit
  • Body Mind and Spirit in Harry's Universe by: Kidas
  • Severus Snape and the Anubis Archetype: Smoke and Mirrors by: Clunycat
  • Consequence, Redemption and the Point of No Return by: Coach
  • Biblical Markings and Harry Potter by: WeasleDiva
  • Boil Him in Shampoo! by: MaraudingDon
  • Time Marches On by: Professor Nigellus
  • Dark, Obsessive Love: Snape's Real Vendetta Revealed by: Hagridloveshappyhour
  • Matters of the Mind: Snape's Memory-Altering Tactics by: Sugarquill_22
  • Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak by: Snitch2006
  • Half-Blood Prince: A Half-Baked Choice? by: Lindsay Bensenhaver
  • Harry Potter: Rescue Mission by: Kreecha

Issue 4

Scribbulus 4

June 2006

  • Riddle of the Orphanage by: Cudgemoore
  • An Analysis of "Spinner's End" by: SDCurtis
  • Why the Dursleys? by: WaggaWaggaWerewolf
  • Villains in Dracula and Harry Potter by: FinnBV
  • Fractured Fairy Tale by: Witherwings
  • Swish and Flick by: Lolarose
  • Thoughts on the Pensieve by: SeverineSnape
  • Modern Genre Theory Examines the World of Harry Potter Fan Fiction by: HollyLime
  • Let My Girls be Hermiones? by: MaraudingDon
  • Spiders by: Minervaxy
  • Authority, Law and Justice in Harry Potter by: Skiplives
  • His Own Worst Enemy: Harry as a Horcrux by: ~Mokey
  • Jo's Harry: A Fan's Point of View by: John Noe

Issue 5

Scribbulus 5

July 2006

  • A Lady in the Water: If You Liked Harry Potter by: Melissa Anelli

Issue 6

Scribbulus 6

August 2006

  • Seven DADA Teachers = Seven Missing Lords? by: WaggaWaggaWerewolf
  • Money, Money, Money by: You_Won't_Know_Who
  • Harry Potter and the Little Red School House by: Doris Herrmann
  • Harry Potter and the Theories of Education by: Rusmir Musia and Lyndsay Agans
  • The Plank Papers: Calculating Wilhelmina by: Kabouter Guilderoy Kolder
  • A Little More Magic by: Meghan
  • Quidditch in Harry Potter by: Matilda
  • Electric Enchantment by: Grace Dow
  • Keep Your Mouth Shut and Your Mind Closed by: SeverineSnape

Issue 7

Scribbulus 7

August 2006

  • Review of Superman Returns by: HermyG13
  • If You Liked Harry Potter...Try Maybe a Miracle by: Chocolate Frog Card

Issue 8

Scribbulus 8

September 2006

  • Divination: Muggle Magic by: TulaighMohr01
  • Faithful Snape by: Arthura Weasley
  • Harry Potter - The Accidental Horcrux by: Michael Daniel
  • Hogwarts: School of the Virtues by: Jason Knott
  • Harry Potter and the Gothic Novel by: Elizabeth Murray
  • Sibyll Trelawney and the Art of Divination by: Zarathustra
  • Hermione's Career Post-Hogwarts by: xray
  • Heaven, Hell and Harry by: Dark Elder
  • The Four Founders and the Magician Card by: Erin Dolmage
  • "Why Can't Everyone Just Be as Big of a Harry Potter Fan as I Am?" by: weirdsis

Issue 9

Scribbulus 9

October 2006

  • Arithmancy at Hogwarts by: Witherwings
  • A Special Kind of Magic by: Ricki Lee Silverman
  • If You Like Harry Potter… Veronica Mars: Mystery-Solving Wizard by: Pam Nail
  • Machiavelli's Half-Blood Prince? by: Andrew Cooper
  • Harry's Secret Weapon? by: bkluttz
  • You're Angry, I'm Angry by: Luna
  • Neville Longbottom: Boy, Interrupted by: SeverineSnape
  • The (Un)Forgivable Curses by: Theowyn
  • The Sorting Hat, Ideology, and Free Will by: Emily Bytheway
  • If the Author is Dead, Who's Updating Her Website? by: Angua

Issue 10

Scribbulus 10

November 2006

  • Hippogriffs, Thestrals, Life, Death, and Sirius Black by: BamaHP
  • Is Hufflepuff's Cup a Portkey to Transport Harry to the Final Battle? by: Beth Currie
  • The Werewolf Only Responds to the Call of Its Own Kind by: Zarathustra
  • Acing the SAT with Magic by: Ricki Lee Silverman
  • "Ah, Music, a Magic Beyond All We Do Here!" by: Hilde Pols
  • The Uses and Limits of Science in the Magical World by: Velse
  • Harry Potter and the M-theory Conjecture by: Froesch
  • Voldemort's Plan to Spread Chaos by: Shard
  • Harry Potter and the Literacy Phenomenon by: Tanaqui
  • It's Magic! by: SeverineSnape
  • Defined by Their Choices by: HawthorneAndPhoenix
  • Harry Potter: A New Hope by: jennycat

Issue 11

Scribbulus 11

December 2006

  • CIA "Secretly Copied Deathly Hallows Manuscript to Change Plot Lines" by: Bob Woodwand and Carl Bernstake
  • The Noble History of Duelling by: Sir Lance Bluntley, Duelling Master

Issue 12

Scribbulus 12

January 2007

  • Quidditch World Cup by: SCollins
  • Love Is All You Need by: Scrivenshafts
  • Action! Harry Potter from the Page to the Screen by: M.Y. Simms
  • Harry Potter and the Literary Tradition by: Severina Aequitas
  • Tom Riddle and the Faustian Pact by: Canis sapiens
  • The Unsinkable Ship by: Futureweasley

Issue 13

Scribbulus 13

February 2007

  • Harry Potter and the Book Banning Campaign by: Rebecca Beard
  • Finding Godric's Hollow by: Theredwitch
  • Chakras and Harry Potter by: hpboy13
  • Bellatrix Lestrange: Will She Be Redeemed? by: madamros
  • The Harry Potter Astronomical Marathon by: Mike Weinstein
  • Beauty, the Beast, and Harry Potter by: You Won't Know Who
  • What "Means to the End" of Voldemort?

Issue 14

Scribbulus 14

March 2007

  • The Real Chamber of Secrets by: Shamika Denise McFarland
  • The Importance of Borgin and Burkes by: Zarathustra
  • Harry Potter: The Extraordinary Individuating Self by: Jacqueline Bellacosa Kello and Christopher T. Kello
  • A Trip Down Diagon Alley by: MonieLou
  • Harry Potter and the Final Chapter by: bitznbats
  • A Tarot Reading of "Deathly Hallows" by: Chloe Squibbulus
  • Madam Pince: Is She Really Eileen Prince? by: PAM2002
  • Godric's Hollow and the Time Traveller or When Harry Met Lily by: Kidas
  • If You Like Harry Potter, Then You Might Like Children of Men by: Cian O'Mahony
  • Deconstructing the Deathly Hallows by: Ariel A. Johnson

Issue 15

Scribbulus 15

April 2007

  • Voldemort: The King of Pop? by: GodricSmile and Witherwings
  • Sock it to Him by: birthday twins
  • Snape: Good, Bad, or Good In Bed? by: Dr Cynthya Cynycal
  • Harry Has His Mother's Eyes by: Domoor
  • The Name Game by: Iris Dews
  • The Half-Blood Squib by: SeverineSnape
  • My Book Seven by: Witherwings

Issue 16

Scribbulus 16

May 2007

  • Ley Lady Ley by: Theredwitch
  • O, Draconian Prince! Oh, Lame Snape! by: Caltheous
  • Neville and Luna: Crazy, But Meant To Be by: hpboy13
  • My Name is EruditeWitch, and I'm Addicted to "Shipping" by: EruditeWitch
  • The Battle in Hermione's Heart by: Segonku
  • Dumbledore is Alive! by: John Lotus
  • But In Essence Divided by: Avogadro
  • The Genius of Rowling's Red Herrings by: kma1975
  • Ponderings on the Fidelius Charm by: BearPaw
  • Love as a Weapon: the Moral Choices at the Heart of Harry Potter by: Rosamonde Bane

Issue 17

Scribbulus 17

June 2007

  • The Leaky Lounge by: fawkes28
  • Who Put the Hog in Hogwarts? by: Theredwitch
  • Harry Potter and the Adaptation from Novel to Film by: Robyn Joffe
  • A Slowly Simmering Potion by: Wriggly_Wrackspurt
  • A Harsh Upbringing by: Arthura Weasley
  • He Will Not Be Redeemed by: ILUVSB
  • Harry Riddle and Tom Potter by: Maria Capobianco
  • The Knave of Spades by: Yamato
  • Mr Moony: Lupin's Curse and His Inspiration? by: Canis Sapiens
  • Ron Weasley: Ace-Up-the-Rowling-Sleeve by: Weaslediva

Issue 18

Scribbulus 18

July 2007

  • Andromeda and Nymphadora Tonks by: hpboy13
  • I've Got the Golden Ticket - Severus Snape is Great! by: Ginny Martyn
  • Snape and the Malfoys by: Maja AKA Praxagora
  • Mundungus Fletcher: Is There More to Him than Meets the Nose? by: Expelliarmas
  • An Irresistible Potion: Felix Felicis by: Caltheous and Fuelpagan
  • The Power Within by: Firephoenix
  • The Amazing Invisible Dumbledores by: birthday twins
  • Severus Snape, Beyond the Grassy Knoll by: cbm
  • Potter's Army by: HawthorneAndPhoenix
  • All Hallows by: gal fawkes
  • Thank You, Jo! by: Gwendalyn Krebs

Issue 19

Scribbulus 19

October 2007

  • A Different Kind of Reconciliation by: Sarah J
  • Choice or Chance? by: Avogadro
  • Virtue and the Viper by: Anne Arthur
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Me by: Mary Wanguard
  • Fred is Dead by: Calinnawkes

Issue 20

Scribbulus 20

November 2007

  • Harry Potter - Making a Difference by: HPhorsegirl
  • Proven Wrong by: RavenPuff
  • What "Wandering with Werewolves" Could Reveal: A Literary Expedition by: WaggaWaggaWerewolf
  • More than Revenge by: Mosaic
  • Harry Potter and the Distinction Between Good and Evil by: Emma

Issue 21

Scribbulus 21

December 2007

  • Albus Dumbledore: Saint, Sinner, and Harry's True Father by: lb4075
  • Still Got Your Wand in a Knot? by: The Rotfang Conspiracy ˜07
  • The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore by: Theowyn
  • St. Dumbledore's Feast by: Caltheous
  • Dumbledorian Ethics by: Sarah Putnam Park

Issue 22

Scribbulus 22

March 2008

  • The Peasant, the Tramp and Hepzibah Smith: A Horcrux Case Study by: WaggaWaggaWerewolf
  • What Is the Crux of a Soul? by: Hilde Pols

Issue 23

Scribbulus 23

April 2008

  • Silky, Dark, and Color Coordinated by: Roseanne Roseannadanna
  • Monsters at Hogwarts: Closer Than You Think by: Xenophilius Lovegood
  • The Hairy Potter Timeline by: Dr. Rip VanHinklemeyer
  • An Inconvenient Charm by: Nimbus1944
  • Interview with a Dracologist - Charlie Weasley by: Canis Sapiens
  • An Excerpt from Curses and Counter-curses by: Professor Vindictus Viridian

Issue 24

Scribbulus 24

May 2008

  • Harry and His Cloud of Witnesses by: Amy Austin-Taggart
  • Milking the Hippogriff Dry as the Hogwarts Express Gravy Train Runs Out of Steam by: MaraudingDon
  • Chaucer, J.K. Rowling, and All of Us by: Fidelia

Issue 25

Scribbulus 25

December 2008

  • Harry, Bilbo, and Their Rites of Passage by: Fricka
  • The Book Behind The Scenes by: Anything77
  • Malfoy's Misgivings by: Nadia M
  • Animal Attraction by: Carissa P.
  • The Sphinx and the Spider by: Moose_Starr

Issue 26

Scribbulus 26

March 2009

  • The Demon in My Harry Potter Book by: Caltheous
  • The Plot Hole that Ate a Mother and Father by: Eric Bowling
  • The Actual Chess Endgame in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Movie by: WizBang101
  • Raised in a Muggle Neighborhood by: Nadia
  • A Butterbeer for Aunt Petunia by: Texas Lupine

Issue 27

Scribbulus 27

January 2011

  • Just What We Needed by: M.Y. Simms
  • The Forbidden Forest by: Fiona Caldwell
  • The Influence of Nazi Germany on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series by: Vick_hpfan
  • It Is Our Choices, Harry, That Show What We Truly Are, Far More Than Our Abilities by: Riley Leonhardt

Issue 28

Scribbulus 28

September 2011

  • How a Born-Again Christian Became a Harry Potter Fanatic by: Stephanie Cobb
  • End of an Era by: Kelsey Purcell
  • A Muggle's Journey from Platform 9 3/4 by: Sheri/SoonerGryffindor
  • Reading Became Our Magic by: Destyne
  • My Friend Harry by: Sammi Robertson
  • Harry Potter and Me: A Life Liberated by: Mouad Rais