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Title: Score (also known as "Score Tonight" or "We're Going to Score Tonight")
Creator: [B. Ks.], also referred to as "D.C.B. and K.L."
Date: 1995?
Format: VCR
Music: "We're Going to Score Tonight" from GREASE 2 (Adrian Zmed)
Fandom: Pros and Starsky & Hutch

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Score is an early example of a constructed reality vid. In the vid, Bodie and Doyle from The Professionals appear to be bowling against Starsky & Hutch by intercutting bowling scenes from the two shows.

In his book Textual Poachers, Henry Jenkins discusses the vid:

"Since many fan video artists had previous experience as zine editors and writers, it is not surprising that their videos draw upon those same conventions. One can find equivalents within music videos for most genres of fan writing, from slash to cross-over stories. D.C.B. and K.L.'s "We're Going to Score Tonight" cleverly combines footage from Starsky and Hutch and The Professionals, depending on principles of classical continuity editing (particularly eye-line matches) to construct an impossible bowling competition between the two series' partners; particularly effective is a sequence where Bodie and Doyle look with disappointment and envy as their American counterparts walk away with their dates."

In 1994, Sandy Herrold discussed the vid on the Virgule-L mailing list:

"Any idea who made it? Charlotte Hill showed me it a while back. What a GREAT idea. (It was mentioned in Henry Jenkin's book for those of you that haven't seen it--basically the vid shows Bodie and Doyle bowling with Starksy and Hutch. Just adorable.) I've never seen a version of this that wasn't incredibly fuzzy though. When circuit stories have been read and copied one too many times, it is (relatively) trivial to retype them (Well short of Waiting to Fall, or The Hunting), but when vids fade too far, there doesn't seem to be too much that can be done."

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