School's Out!: A Sensei Zine

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Title: School's Out!: A Sensei Zine
Publisher: andythelemon
Editor(s): andythelemon
Type: Fanart
Date(s): 2022
Medium: PDF, Print
Size: A5, 40 pages
Fandom: Multifandom
Language: English
External Links: Twitter
Zine Cover
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School's Out!: A Sensei Zine is a gen zine paying tribute to teachers, senseis and mentor figures from various anime series.


A tribute to our beloved teachers, senseis and mentor figures from our favourite anime! Join us for one last class celebration before school's out for summer. Congrats on graduating![1]

The zine consisted of artists invited by the moderators themselves to participate. Preorders for a physical edition opened on July 8 to July 31, 2022[2]. These preorders included a pack of stickers designed by contributors. Digital copies continued to be sold in limited quantities afterwards.

On November 24, 2022, andythelemon posted on Twitter that £576 and £144 in gift aid(approximately $870 USD) was donated to Ministry of Stories[3].


The following names were taken from the zine's store listing

Page Artists

Merch Artists

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  3. ^, Thanks for supporting SCHOOL'S OUT! A Sensei Zine! Funds (£576 + £144 Gift Aid, so ~$870) have been donated to @/mini_stories, a local nonprofit creative writing centre for young people 😊📗🔖