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Title: Satellite
Creator: SDWolfpup
Date: December 2006
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:29 minutes
Music: "Satellite" by Guster
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
URL: Vid announcement/download link

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Satellite is a Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio slash vid that sets clips from due South up through the third season premiere ("Burning Down the House") to the song "Satellite" by Guster. The story within the vid is a series of reminiscences told from Ray's point of view about his canon relationship with Fraser. Ray's feelings are expressed through the lyrics: "Maybe you will always be / Just a little out of reach." Isis's review describes the tone of the vid as "Kind of an unrequited Ray/Fraser vibe going on here, a little sweet, a little sad."[1] Some fans remarked on how the vid was able to visually represent Fraser and Ray "orbiting" one another through the choice of clips.[2]


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