Sara Conklin

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Name: Sara Conklin
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek and Beauty and the Beast
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Sara Conklin was a fan writer who participated in both Star Trek and Beauty and the Beast fandoms. When she died in 1997, many tributes were published in Volume 4 of Love and Hope and a special ceremony was held for her at the 1997 Beauty and the Beast convention Reflections. A tribute website was set up on and is archived here. Sadly, the WayBack Machine was unable to preserve the text of the tributes; however a friend has kept the site here.


"Sara was buried in her Star Trek uniform, complete with working communicator button. Jackie said that when they were leaving Sara's house for the last time, Sara made Jackie go back and get it. After Sara died, when Jackie when to the funeral director, he asked for the clothes to bury Sara in. She gave him the uniform and he smiled and said "we only get coffins here, we don't have any photon torpedoes!" Can you imagine decades from now, archaeologists digging up the MILITARY cemetery[1] and finding everyone else in their military uniforms and Sara in her Star Trek outfit."[2]
"Sara once wrote: "Put a little light out in the tunnel for me -- it doesn't have to chase away the darkness - it only has to guide me." We did that for her. Can we do no less for others?"[3]
"Sara was a marvelously funny writer, had a quirky dry wit, and was always there if someone needed support. There were numerous layers to this lady, but I knew her long enough to sample only just a few.[4]


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