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Filk Songbook
Title: SWIL Filkbook
Publisher: Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature
Medium: print
Language: English
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SWIL Filkbooks are a series published by the college club, Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature.

Issue 1

  • The Caves of Steel
  • A Slanderous Song
  • Drunken Wookiee
  • Y.O.D.A.
  • The Doctor's Pockets
  • Banned from Argo
  • Middle-Earth
  • Every Seven Years
  • The Thirty Days of Amber
  • There's an Amoeba
  • Somewhere Over the Barstool
  • Hooray for Frodo Baggins
  • Security
  • With the Necronomicon
  • Rebel Pilot's Lament
  • The True Confession of Luke Skywalker
  • Callahan's Bar
  • Cthulu
  • Arilinn Tower
  • Smaug, the Magic Dragon
  • The Big Red Cheese
  • Oh, Cthulu Dear
  • Lensman Academy Fight Song
  • I Had no Laran At All (Darkover) [1]
  • Riverworld
  • The Future History
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
  • War of the Worlds
  • The Sands of Arrakis
  • Take Me Home, Starry Roads
  • The Epical History of the War of the Rings
  • Onward, Sauron's Soldiers
  • Star Fleet Life
  • The Ballad of Darth Vader
  • The Harperhall's Game
  • Gilligan's Enterprise
  • Superspecial Fellowship
  • Ringworld
  • The Lair of Great Cthulhu
  • I am a Troll
  • The Ballad of Jean Grey
  • Elric's Song
  • Remembrance of Daleks Past

Issue 2

  • Bouncing Potatoes
  • Our Space Opera Goes Rolling Along
  • Centauri Fair
  • The Song of the Derriere Garde
  • All of the Filkers are Singing
  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  • Thank Ghu I'm a Fannish Boy!
  • That's Science Fiction
  • The Bradbury Hate Song
  • Swing on a Star
  • Fantasy Tonight
  • If I Were a Rich Fan
  • I Know the Plot
  • The Green Hills of Earth
  • Time Winds Tavern
  • Come to the SF Con
  • Glory, Glory Science Fiction
  • Fanserwacky
  • Unreality Warp
  • The Dying Robot
  • The Outer Space Marines
  • Fandomly Street
  • The Grand Canal
  • Battle Hymn of the Helpers
  • Wargame Huxter's Song
  • The No Yes Song
  • Pore SeF is Dead
  • The Comic-Book Reader's Complaint
  • Brush Up Your Heinlein
  • Fen Want Filks After Midnight

Issue 3

  • The Thermodynamics Final
  • You're Going to Give Me an A, Ha-ha!
  • The Vulcan Academy of Science School Cheer
  • Science Majors
  • Electromagnetic Hymn of the Republic
  • The Swarthmore Experience
  • Lament to the CEP
  • Waking Up Is Hard to Do
  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  • The Physicist's Lament
  • A Mathematician's Progress
  • HELP!
  • Self-Respecting Classicist
  • The Cyberiad
  • Ode to the PR1ME
  • Would you care to take a break?
  • The Chemist's Lament
  • The Biologist's Lament
  • The Engineer's Lament
  • Hammons
  • Still the Same
  • Organic Chemistry
  • A RA (prounounced ra)
  • Let's Find a Bed
  • Man of La Muncha
  • The Swarthmorian Lament
  • The SUN Lab
  • Topology Tonight
  • Banned from Orgo
  • Puff the Fractal Dragon
  • Never Enough
  • The Revenge of 16H
  • Ode to the Overworked
  • The Freshman Roomdraw Lament
  • Multi-Variable Land
  • Christ, you know it ain't easy
  • Barcodes
  • SWILshirt
  • The Swat Warp
  • Packing Up To Go Away
  • Lab's Been Good to Me So Far
  • SWIL Crazy After All These Years
  • Little Fuzzy Seminars
  • Unprepared
  • No Particular Tune At All
  • It's a Small Room After All

Issue 4

  • Clone of My Own
  • When I was a Young Man
  • King George V/God Save the Queen
  • Little Earthquakes
  • Murphy's Law
  • Pop Goes An Eardrum!
  • Bloody Bawdy Villain
  • My Favorite Things
  • If I Only Had a Brain
  • The Bog Where You Lurk
  • A Grazing Mace
  • I'm a Viking
  • Supersheep Overture
  • The Gloria Vanderbuilt Rag
  • The Temperance Union Song (Rum, by Gum)
  • The Lobster Quadrille
  • Don't Ever Trust A Psi
  • Real Old Time Religion
  • My Kingdom Lies Under the Ocean
  • A Modern Folksong
  • My God, How the Money Rolls In!
  • Prehistoric Clementine
  • Destruction
  • It's a Mall World After All
  • Home on LaGrange
  • When Harlie Played One
  • Boot It
  • Fishheads
  • Never Set the Cat on Fire
  • The Barbarian's Love
  • Rampaging Alien
  • I'm Still Standing
  • Baby You Can Drive My Car
  • Typhoid Mary
  • Acid Rain
  • Halloween Filks
  • With a Little Help from My Freinds
  • The Food-Servers' Lament
  • The Path to a Lobotomy
  • I Am a Rat
  • It's Easy ...
  • NRA, uber alles
  • Hack!
  • Oh What a Horrible Story
  • Sing-Sing a Jail
  • No Moggy's Land
  • Jerseywocky


  1. I Had no Laran At All is a Darkover filksong (to the tune of "Rosin the Bow"). It was recorded at Boskone 1984, and is listed as "author unknown" in SWIL Filkbook #1. (That's because Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss published it wiithout bothering to ask who the author was - he did that a lot. It's the same author as Arilinn Tower (i.e. me) and the correct title is "The Terranan's Lament". Judy Gerjuoy, aka Jaelle of Armida, asked me to write a song about some poor shlub who goes to Darkover, does all the usual things, but never develops laran. The SWIL misinformation has gone uncorrected for far too long.)" Darkover Wiki