SPN ReverseBang 2019

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SPN ReverseBang


Fic Title: Of Wolf and Man
Artist: darklittleheart
Author: Merenwen76
Pairing: Dean/Sam | Rating: E

Fic Title: Sacrifice
Artist: beesareawesome
Author: a_dean_girl
Pairing: Gen | Rating: G

The Boy Who Became King
Fic Title: We all go to Hell
Artist: aceriee
Author: hit_the_books
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13

Something Witchy This Way Goes
Fic Title: The prayer of going nowhere
Artist: happilysammy
Author: charliebradbury
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: G

Dance AU
Fic Title: Let’s Dance
Artist: roswellnm42
Author: I_Bleed_Jensenite
Pairing: Destiel | Rating: E

I Can Show You the World
Fic Title: A Hunter’s Fairy Tale
Artist: delicirony
Author: theydmi
Pairing: Dean/Castiel | Rating: T

Where The Old Ones Live
Fic Title: Elementals
Artist: midnightsilvers
Author: alyndra
Pairing: Team Free Will 2.0 (Gen) | Rating: T

Fic Title: All The Secrets I Couldn't Keep
Artist: emberthrace
Author: RatFlavored
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: PG-13

Who's on Top?
Fic Title: Who's on Top?
Artist: gotaprettymouth
Author: theymp
Pairing: demon!Dean/Crowley | Rating: PG-13

Visiting Daddy
Fic Title: My Father's House
Artist: twisted_slinky
Author: tyrsibs
Pairing: Gen | Rating: G

This Land Inside My Head Is All I Know
Fic Title: The Hoard
Artist: beelikej
Author: jennytork
Pairing: Gen | Rating: G

Eight Mile High and Falling Fast
Fic Title: The Last Word
Artist: tiggeratl1
Author: sintari
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: NC-17

Red String of Fate
Fic Title: The Strings of Fate
Artist: sastmk
Author: beesareawesome
Pairing: Sam/Gadreel, Dean/Cas | Rating: G

Hunting Kisses
Fic Title: Hunter's Kisses
Artist: angel_tortured
Author: jiniz
Pairing: Dean/Castiel/Sam | Rating: E

Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
Fic Title: Nothing lasts forever
Artist: cassiopeia7
Author: amypond45
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: R

Fic Title: Angels and omegas
Artist: liliaeth
Author: fogsrollingin
Pairing: Dean & Castiel | Rating: R

The Blacksmith
Fic Title: The Sword and the Shield
Artist: phoenix1966
Author: sam_dreams
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: E

Make Do
Fic Title: Change of Life
Artist: Noctemus
Author: verucasalt123
Pairing: Sam/Rowena | Rating: T

Damaged Goods
Fic Title: Damaged Goods
Artist: sillie82
Author: smalltrolven
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: R

The first step
Fic Title: A Different Kind of Hunger
Artist: blondebitz
Author: angelus2hot
Pairing: Dean/Sam | Rating: NC-17

Red Cove
Fic Title: Red Cove
Artist: soluscheese
Author: d_claiborne
Pairing: Dean/Cas | Rating: PG-13

When two worlds touch
Fic Title: Shudder before the beautiful
Artist: aggiedoll
Author: sepherim_ml
Pairing: Dean/Cas | Rating: PG

Heat of the Moment
Fic Title: Dance in the Dark of Night (Sing to the Morning Light)
Artist: aceriee
Author: amethystshard
Pairing: Dean/Castiel | Rating: T

Fic Title: And you thought shower sex was complicated
Artist: emberthrace
Author: laughablelament
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: E

The Child Zanna and the Sad Man
Fic Title: You And I, Lost to the Winter
Artist: kirathehyrulian
Author: youaregonecas
Pairing: none (Gen) | Rating: PG-13

Lest The Oil That Is In Me Should Set Hell On Fire
Fic Title: Lest The Oil That Is In Me Should Set Hell On Fire
Artist: midnightsilvers
Author: bleedingink23
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Castiel/Meg, Meg/Sam/Dean, Sam/Ruby | Rating: E

Sam winchester: The Last of the Hunters
Fic Title: The Last Hunter
Artist: amberdreams
Author: tammyrenh
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: E

Under The Sea
Fic Title: Waterborne
Artist: delicirony
Author: alyndra
Pairing: Dean/Castiel | Rating: G

Fic Title: Dragonwilde
Artist: phoenix1966
Author: fledge
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: R

Fic Title: Hearts and Flowers
Artist: merakieross
Author: tifaching
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: NC-17

Fic Title: Lie To Me
Artist: roswellnm42
Author: raths_kitten
Pairing: Dean/Castiel | Rating: R

The Pale Serpent
Fic Title: The Great Wolf and the Pale Serpent
Artist: soluscheese
Author: lady_simoriah
Pairing: Wincest, Destiel, Sastiel, vague Denny | Rating: NC-17

Of Long Ears and Fluffy Tails
Fic Title: Rabbit Run
Artist: sweetheartdean
Author: raths_kitten
Pairing: Gen | Rating: T

Desert Rats
Fic Title: Scenes from the End
Artist: quickreaver
Author: kimenem
Pairing: none | Rating: PG

Lending a Hand
Fic Title: Lending a Hand
Artist: Wingsandimpalas
Author: Lesbowinchester
Pairing: Destiel | Rating: T

Trip of a Lifetime
Fic Title: Go Ask Alice, Dorothy
Artist: dizzojay
Author: tiggeratl1
Pairing: Sam & Dean | Rating: TBA


There Goes God
Fic Title: There Goes God
Artist: amberdreams
Author: raths_kitten
Pairing: J2 | Rating: G

Down by the Seaside
Fic Title: Down by the Seaside
Artist: sillie82
Author: whiskygalore
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: R

Fic Title: Oasis
Artist: kirathehyrulian
Author: nerdypastrychef
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: NC-17

What Will You Offer Me?
Fic Title: Flinch
Artist: jdl71
Author: storyspinner70
Pairing: J2 | Rating: NC-17

I don't think we're in Vancouver any more...
Fic Title: Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia
Artist: dizzojay
Author: zara_zee
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: NC-17

Make Me a Match
Fic Title: Clicking Into Place

Artist: matchboximpala
Author: cyndrarae
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Others, Jared/Others | Rating: M

Do I Have to Tell the Story
Fic Title: The modern witch's guide to pining, love & other natural disasters
Artist: dollarformyname
Author: d_claiborne
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: PG-13

Fic Title: Restoring the Balance
Artist: mangacat201
Author: zubeneschamali
Pairing: J2, D/G, hints of J/J/D/G | Rating: NC-17

Top Shelf
Fic Title: Slowly, With Each Touch and Each Kiss
Artist: dancing_adrift
Author: whispered_story
Pairing: Jensen/Jared | Rating: NC-17

Fic Title: Footprints in the slush of ourselves
Artist: darklittleheart96
Author: charliebradbury
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Genevieve/Jared, Genevieve/Jared/Jensen | Rating: E

Born Human
Fic Title: Accompany Me
Artist: gotaprettymouth
Author: dreamerjules
Pairing: Jensen/Misha | Rating: G

Fic Title: A Perfect Moment
Artist: tx_devilorangel
Author: storyspinner70
Pairing: J2 | Rating: R

Fic Title: Unit One
Artist: blondebitz
Author: walking_tornado
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: PG

Fighting Desire
Fic Title: Uncover My Love
Artist: jdl71
Author: dwimpala67
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: G

Wrap it in a Sigh
Fic Title: Soul engines running through a night so tender
Artist: beelikej
Author: sometimesalways
Pairing: Jensen/Jeff | Rating: PG-13

Kiss Miss
Fic Title: Get Ready For This
Artist: dancing_adrift
Author: wetsammy
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: T

This Magic Moment
Fic Title: This Magic Moment
Artist: tiggeratl1
Author: backrose_17
Pairing: Jensen/Jared | Rating: PG-13