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Journal Community
Name: sga_santa
Date(s): 2005 - present
Moderator: moonlettuce and alyse
Founder: moonlettuce and alyse
Type: holiday gift exchange
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: SGA Santa on LJ

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SGA_Santa is a Stargate Atlantis holiday fic exchange livejournal community founded in 2005 and continuing to the present day. Stories are written as gifts, and written to spec from the recipient's prompt. The exchange is open to "gen, het, slash, threesomes, fourgies, moresomes."

In 2009, the hundred participating writers produced more than a million words. [1]

(Fan artists in SGA fandom can participate in the sister challenge at SGA Art Santa.)

Index to Stories


  1. Updated Stats Post, 2009.