SG1 Slash Fanfiction Writer's Workshop

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Name: SG1 Slash Fanfiction Writer's Workshop
Dates: 2000-?
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
URL: (Wayback)
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The SG1 Slash Fanfiction Writer's Workshop (short: SG1SlashFWW) is what the name says, a workshop for SG-1 slash fanfiction writers. It was hosted by Jack & Daniel's Place.

From the main page:
The idea is to learn through example, by using a hands on approach. A writer has an idea, but needs to develop it. Through the use of the peer group, the writer discusses their idea and the peer group points out the strengths and weaknesses of the idea, helping the writer create a realistic story line. The writer then creates the story and offers it again to the list for peer review. The group then critiques the work, offering ideas for improvement, offering comments on the characterization, plot, and story structure. In essence, editing the story.
All writers and readers welcome, but no lurkers.
Why are readers being allowed? Because writers *need* readers. The ultimate goal of any writer is to be read. Therefore the addition of a group of readers who can comment on the viable of a story is integral to the story creation process.
Discussion of fanfiction is permitted. Previously published fiction can be tossed out on the list and discussed. Questions about the writing process can be discussed. Anything that involves the writing process or the creation process can be brought before the group, but we are not going to be bogged down with metadiscussions on how to write. What good is a workshop if the members never write?