Rule of Three

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Title: Rule of Three
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2015
Medium: print
Size: 42 pages, 5.25”x8”
Fandom: Dragon Age
Language: English
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Rule of Three 1.png
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Rule of Three is a Dragon Age zine featuring 3 Female Inquisitors.


A labor of love crafted by artists Carrie Eli and Liz Pulido alongside writer Elora Gatts, Rule of Three is a Dragon Age: Inquisition fan zine featuring 3 unique female inquisitors covering everything from backstory, major decisions, and romance.

Encompassing 42 pages and an illuminated over, the zine is 5.25”x8”, saddle stitched, and printed on 80 lb. silk coated paper with a 100 lb. silk coated cover stock.

The Rule of Three: Deluxe Edition comes with these exclusive bonuses:

  • 3 tarot cards
  • 1 sticker sheet

cover art: lizsketch​, interior illustrations: carrieliarts​ + lizsketch​, writing: merelymeer​

Sample art