Roll To Me

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Title: Roll To Me
Creator: Sandy Herrold & Nicole V.
Date: 1997 (remastered by Gwyneth in 2007)
Format: VCR Vid
Fandom: Due South
URL: Download

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Vidder's notes from the Videotape liner: "At the time I started this, most of the Cannibals weren't watching Due South yet, so this is the first vid I did with Net collaboration. I like this, but can't help being embarrassed by how short and snappy it is. I would appreciate recommendations for a serious song in the fandom/pairing."

According to one review: "When I heard this was remastered, I think I actually squeaked. I've loved this since I first saw it a decade ago, and it still holds up. This is a real buddy slash vid, with each of them needing the other, and each of them there for the other, all the way through, in a mirrored set of storylines that mesh together perfectly. The song choice is perfect, too -- a fairly light-hearted vehicle to carry all of the emotion of the clips (and it does carry it -- it's not mismatched at all), really echoing the way the show managed to be immensely dark and intense in a lot of ways, for all that it was supposedly a fairly light-hearted comedy. And I have to mention this: those mirrored storylines are separated by a POV shift in the middle that is so smooth and brilliant and *right*, especially for this particular vid, that I pretty much just want to marry it."[1]

Another fan commented: "This vid is simply adorable. Ray loves Benny, and Benny loves Ray."[2]


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