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Name: Rockfic Press
Date(s): 2006-2008
Profit/Nonprofit: profit
Country based in:
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Rockfic Press was owned by ScrewtheDaisies.

It was extension of the RockFic archive for bandfic. Several multi-author and single-author collections and novels were published in 2006 before the press closed in 2008.

Description: 2006

Company Description: Rockfic Press, based in Asheville, NC, was founded out of an Internet archive for rock band fiction and an online community for rock band fiction authors and fans. Rockfic Press publishes band fiction in trade paperback format, allowing readers to take their favorite band fiction with them anywhere and enjoy them the same way they enjoy their other favorite books—while lounging on the couch, sitting under a tree, or riding the bus. [1]

List of 2006 Publications

  • March 15: Things Inside by ScrewTheDaisies
  • March 15: Legend by Mad Andy
  • March 18: ...And Death for All by ScrewTheDaisies
  • March 18: The Haunter of the Loch by Maddy B.
  • March 26: Razorblade Sigh by Mad Andy
  • March 26: Special Friend by Nikki 666
  • April 2: Personal Touch by Fiendess
  • April 2: Road Hazards by various authors
  • May 13: Danish by various authors
  • May 27: Somewhere Out in Space collection by Heavvymetalqueen
  • June 10: Refractions by Highway Joe
  • June 24: Get Bent by various authors
  • July 8: Three by ScrewTheDaisies
  • July 22: No World Order by Mad Andy
  • August 20: Skunkworks by heavvymetalqueen
  • September 12: Internal Affairs by sidewinder
  • October 16: Flying Low by Feel For Faith
  • October 31: Rain Dogs by MJ
  • November 14: Rock Hard by various authors
  • December 5: Behind the Attitude by various authors


On August 9, 2007, ScrewTheDaisies announced she would be closing RockFic Press. [2] "Obviously, I haven't been motivated to do much of anything with it (either publishing or promotion-wise) this year, and I don't see that trend turning around," she stated, also offering to sell the press to anyone who might be interested. On August 20 she changed her mind, stating that she'd be willing to keep it open if someone would be willing to take over bookkeeping for the press. Evaine offered to do so. This must have been a plan that worked for a while, but on March 28, 2008, ScrewTheDaisies announced that because of Amazon's new POD plans for small-press publishers, RockFic Press would be closing for good as of April 15, 2008. [3]


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