Rock Star (H50 Remix)

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Title: Rock Star (H50 Remix)
Creator: elandrialore
Date: 09 January 2011
Format: digital vid
Music: Rockstar Remix by N.E.R.D.
Genre: gen
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Footage: Through 1x13
URL: Rock Star (H50 Remix) (Dreamwidth, broken download link)

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Rock Star (H50 Remix) is a Hawaii Five-0 gen vid by elandrialore.

Summary: Sometimes you just need to see pretty people kicking ass in the name of truth and justice.

Recs and Reviews

Hawaii Five-0, Team/Gen, vid === Badass team is badass, to a N.E.R.D soundtrack. Sometimes, that's exactly what you need. (hmmm, the video sites did something and DW is having embed issues; try here on 4Shared instead.)[1]


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