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Pairing: Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart
Alternative name(s): Robsten
Gender category: M/F
Fandom: RPF
Canonical?: Dated (2009–2012)
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Robsten was the portmanteau for RPF shippers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The two actors worked together on the Twilight film franchise beginning in 2007, and they were shipped heavily during and after the filming of the first movie (Twilight (2008)). The two actors also dated in real life, which validated the shippers who had been called tinhats for believing in the relationship; they broke up in 2012 shortly before the premiere of the fourth Twilight film, Breaking Dawn (2012). While gossip magazines such as People and Us Weekly also participated in a mainstream form of shipping and tinhatting of the couple and created the ship name "Robsten," fans of the pairing largely denounced the paparazzi tactics required by those sources as invasive.

In Fandom

Large communities for Robsten could be found on LiveJournal, including [1]rpattz_kstew, [2]asoulenchanted, and [3]withoutdrowning. Fanfiction for the pairing was considered separate from Twific and mixed communities for Twilight and Robsten did not exist on the LiveJournal platform.

The most popular community for the Robsten pairing was asoulenchanted, which was moderated by Maggie glycerineclown, Mary mangobaby, Sadie windtrails, and Lindsey lindseyrkrpf. Eventually Lindsey was removed from the community and was replaced by Lauren charming. At its peak, asoulenchanted had over 1,000 members.

asoulenchanted hosted fanfiction challenges, daily news roundup posts, premiere celebration posts, holiday exchanges, and graphics contests. It was a sister community to withoutdrowning, which was a Robsten community also open to news, photo, and promotion posts for members of The Brit Pack, or the London-based group of artists and actors with whom Robert Pattinson was friends. This group included Andrew Garfield, Tom Sturridge, Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Flynn, Sam Bradley, Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Jamie Dornan, as well as their significant others such as Shannon Woodward and Dakota Fanning.

Notable Fanfiction

The most popular fanfiction for Robsten was Two-Thousand Eight by Lindsey lindseyrkrpf. It was initially posted at asoulenchanted before moving to its own open LiveJournal blog, robsten2008. Lindsey went on to write Twific of some note, including Bare (Twilight fanfiction) on




The first episode of I Met You On LJ is about Robsten fandom as its hosts, V. Arrow and Maggie glycerineclown moderated withoutdrowning and asoulenchanted, respectively.

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