Rob (Pros fan writer)

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Name: Rob
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The Professionals
URL: Rob's fiction in the Circuit Archive
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Rob was an early and popular Pros slash fan writer. She is perhaps best known for her epic novel Waiting to Fall which was written for distribution on the Professionals circuit -- i.e., to be passed from one fan to another, with each fan making a copy for herself if she wanted one, before putting it back on the circuit. In this particular case, that was an expensive proposition: The Hatstand calls it "the longest story in Pros slash", and notes that it is often referred to as "Waiting to Fuck." [1] The story is 350,000 words long.

One reader commented that "Rob's [writing] is much like OYardley in my mind - sweet, romantic stories, like "Personal Delivery" and "The Stripper". Responsible for my favorite novel so far - "Waiting to Fall", 615 pages of almost entirely good stuff, quite a feat."[2]

She passed on October 30 2006.[3]



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