Roads Untraveled

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Title: Roads Untraveled
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2019
Medium: print, PDF
Size: ~150 pages, 9x6
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, website
Roads Untraveled.png
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Roads Untraveled is a Keith Kogane/Pidge Gunderson zine in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


After months of hard work our contributors have turned in over 50 pages of amazing art and more than 100 pages of brand new Kidge fics. Now it’s your turn to make this dream a reality.

Buy the Kidge Zine Today!

And because there’s just not enough Kidge merch in the world, we’re offering an increasing assortment of stickers, buttons, charms, postcards, pins, and more. Right now we’ve only got two stretch goals listed but we’ll be adding to that if we reach them so check the website for more info.


All profits will go to support the charity y’all voted for:

The Organization for Transformative Works (Ao3)



  • Umbraja (also a writer, mod, and designed merch)
    • tumblr: umbraja
    • twitter: umbraja
    • instagram: umbraja
    • ao3: umbraja
    • Bio: I am so glad to have been able to work with all these wonderful people and put together a project we can all be proud of.
  • Effar
    • tumblr: theeffar
    • Bio: I’m a part-time freelance artist, full-time ongoing webcomic artist, and life-time avid fanartist.
  • Jay
    • tumblr: jc-drawings
    • Bio: I’m a person who loves to draw stuff - that’s pretty much it.
  • CaihongHoshi
    • tumblr: CaihongHoshi
    • instagram: CaihongHoshi
    • Bio: I am a British based artist who loves drawing OC’s and characters from shows and spend most of my time not drawing. Also am a pillow for my cat.
  • Evie / Rebel
    • tumblr: rebelgirlmatrix1213
    • twitter: rebelgirlmatrix
    • Bio: I’m fairly new to digital art and trying my best! I have way too many ships and love kidge too much for my own good. I hope you like the art I make!
  • Kenna (also a writer, mod, and designed merch)
    • tumblr: kdxart
    • twitter: kdx_art
    • instagram: kdxartig
    • ao3: DarkAdrenaline
    • Bio: I’m an educator and freelance graphic designer who enjoys drawing and the occasional bit of writing.
  • Pat
    • tumblr: pattopuss
    • twitter: pattopuss
    • instagram: pattopuss
    • Bio: I’m Patty, but you can call me Pat! I’m an artist and multi-shipper who is always ready to spread those positive vibes. I’m honestly a really chill dude so don’t ever feel afraid to jump in my inbox. I promise I don’t bite!
  • Ezool
    • tumblr: ezool
    • Bio: Just an artist that seems to have a gravitational pull to all things red and green. No wonder I got hooked on this unexpected pair since the beginning!
  • Teresa (also designed merch)
    • tumblr: elycisart
    • twitter: elycis
    • instagram: elycisart_ig
    • Bio: I’m an artist from Taiwan. I joined the fandom at like season 6, it’s a bit late but not too late for kidge. I really love this rare pair with all my heart. And it’s an honor to be part of this lovely zine!
  • NovemberNights [Digital]
    • Bio: I love Kidge and I’m excited for this zine! I’m kind of quiet as I don’t have an online presence, but I knew I had to do something for the Kidge zine.
  • Astraia
    • tumblr: crystalpallette
    • Bio: I’m a multishipper through and through, but I’ve always liked Kidge a lot. (For no apparent reason I guess?).
  • Lydia
    • tumblr: kobirex
    • instagram: kobirex
    • Bio: I’m a high schooler who has been doing digital art for two and a half years, but I’ve been drawing my whole life. Other hobbies include singing, playing guitar and piano, and learning about engineering.
  • Redcrw
    • tumblr: deerlyart
    • Bio: Hi! I’m an animation senior student who is from Italy.
  • Zoe
    • tumblr: zoedozy
    • instagram: zoedozy
    • ao3: zoedozy
    • Bio: When Keith and Pidge are simply standing next to each other, I tear up a bit out of happiness.
  • Tanasi [Digital]
    • tumblr: Tanasi–A
    • twitter: Tanasi__A
    • Bio: Just a girl from Singapore who is hoping to improve herself through art.
  • Quest (also a mod)
    • tumblr: zelfieart
    • Bio: I’m a hobby fanartist from Texas just trying to live it up and enjoy life. Honestly, every little bit of Kidge makes my day.
  • Piixie (also designed merch)
    • tumblr: piixiefawn
    • twitter: piixiefawn
    • instagram: piixiefawn
    • Bio: I’m an artist with a wide array of interests. I hope getting my work out there and receiving feedback will not only help me improve in my art, but hopefully make people smile along the way.
  • Fala (also designed merch)
    • tumblr: falaffles-mywaffles
    • Bio: I’m a burning dumpster that is attempting to try her best in life.
  • Sala
    • tumblr: doodlesala
    • twitter: sala218
    • Bio: I’m a self taught wannabe-artist! I draw quite a bit for many different fandoms. Somehow, pastels and soft colors found their place in my heart so I can’t let go of them at all!
  • LuceCiel (also designed merch)
    • tumblr: luce-ciel
    • twitter: LuceCiel_Art
    • instagram: luceciel_art
    • ao3: LuceCiel
    • Bio: I love to sketch a lot and I’m a cosplay and tea enthusiast. I had spent some time on an art slump, but discovering Voltron gave me motivation to pick up a pencil again. I’m cursed to ship the rare pairs for eternity.
  • Danielle [Digital]
    • tumblr: crescent-blue-moon
    • Bio: I’m an aspiring artist with a hope of one day becoming an animator. Creating art has always been a passion of mine and it means even more to me now that I get to experience this wonderful project!
  • Pao (also a Beta) [Digital]
    • tumblr: wonderlandswurst
    • twitter: wndrlndswrst
    • instagram: mio_chii
    • ao3: wonderlandswurst
    • Bio: I’ve been in the fandom since season 2 and I’m a HUGE multi-shipper! Feel free to talk to me about even the most wildest and rarest ship—be it platonic or romantic!
  • Vilotte
    • tumblr: Vilotte
    • Bio: I love to draw and make art. I’m really happy to work in this zine together with so many talented people - it’s an honor for me.
  • Momoe (also designed merch)
    • tumblr: momoe-mi
    • Bio: I’m a Mexican artist that has a long way ahead in drawing but really
  • Artsy
    • tumblr: artsy-oleander
    • instagram:
    • Bio: I fell into shipping Kidge after doodling a little comic for someone’s post and never left!
  • Dee (merch artist and staff adviser)
    • tumblr: dylogger
    • deviantart: dylogger
    • pillowfort: dylogger
    • ao3: dylogger
    • Bio: I’m a graphic designer who likes collaboration and zines. Cheers to Kidge!
  • Addie (merch artist)
    • tumblr: clo–uds
    • twitter: nimbvx
  • urara (merch artist)
    • tumblr: uraraaaaaaan
    • twitter: kyuuuuukochan‬
  • Bushra (Besh) (merch artist)
    • tumblr: besh-drawing-stuff
    • twitter: pinkishcats


  • Lina
    • tumblr: LinaBeanWrites
    • twitter: LinaBenliven
    • instagram: LinaBenliven
    • ao3: LinaBenliven
    • Bio: I have been writing in fandom spaces for 12 years now and yet Voltron is the first one that I’ve been this active in. Anyone that knows me knows I love any and all Keith ships and I have a special place in my heart for Kidge.
  • Ncj700
    • tumblr: kidge-kat
    • twitter: Ncj700
    • ao3: Ncj700
    • Bio: I’m a fantasy fiction addict from the UK with a penchant for dragons, magic, baking, and writing. I’m very glad that I got to work with the Kidge fandom for my first zine and be part of such an incredible community!
  • Artemisia
    • tumblr: calligraphist-artemisia
    • ao3: Kishirokitsune
    • Bio: I’ve been writing since I was young, but Kidge is the first ship that has ever truly resonated well with me. It has inspired me to get back into writing regularly and push myself to keep going. Fic: The Annual Summer Hike
  • Malaya (also a mod and beta)
    • tumblr: spacedorksandlions
    • ao3: hypatheticallyspeaking
    • Bio: I’m a major Kidge fangirl who writes about these adorable space dorks. I’m so grateful to see our ship sailing! It’s been an honor working with such awesome creators in our small fandom!
  • Ma-Je
    • tumblr: madgeinvoltronland
    • instagram: fluffymaje
    • ao3: MaJe
    • Bio: I’m an average girl a bit too in love with Kidge
  • BayPearl
    • tumblr: baypearl
    • ao3: BayPearl
    • Bio: I am a college student working on getting a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Most of my free time is spent either reading or riding horses and making my next cosplay.
  • Cookie Crumbles
    • tumblr: some-cookie-crumbz
    • ao3: Some_Cookie_Crumbz
    • Bio: I’m an amateur writer with an adoration for all things Kidge and an interest in far too many projects about them to count. It’s my pleasure to be able to contribute to this zine with other talented individuals.
  • Nigg [Digital]
    • tumblr: onpointedfeetandbrokendreams
    • ao3: Nigg
    • Bio: I’ve always loved writing and met a lot of people who share this passion. I’ve been part of the Sharpshooterzine for Lance’s birthday and a couple of other Voltron-themed events.
  • Musako
    • tumblr: merrykidgemas
    • Bio: I specialize in fluff and AUs and will cry if something angsty doesn’t have an happy ending. This pairing has snatched my heart and I’m sure I won’t be leaving the fandom anytime soon!
  • amillionsmiles
    • tumblr: amillionsmiles
    • twitter: mnonoaware
    • ao3: amillionsmiles
    • Bio: I’m just your average college student thriving on a tv/movie diet that ranges from rom-coms to robots-smashing-stuff-up. I believe cherry tomatoes are evil and biscuits are the closest thing we have to true love.
  • Ro
    • tumblr: rororoyourship
    • ao3: rozanyg
    • Bio: I’ve been writing for Voltron for two years now. The first Voltron pair I have ever written for was Kidge and it still holds a special part in my heart. Fic: Comfortable with You
  • Nary (also a mod and beta)
    • tumblr: narycanary
    • twitter: narycanary
    • instagram: narycanary
    • ao3: NaryCanary
    • Bio: I’m a proud Hispanic and Latina who loves to write and dance in her spare time. It’s great to see this fantastic rare pair get some love!
  • Amuk [Digital]
    • tumblr: kumeko
    • ao3: amuk
    • Bio: I’m a writer who loves that line between friendship and family.
  • Fairia