Ring (podfic)

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Title: Ring
Podfic Artist(s): Lunate8
Cover Artist: Lunate8
Date(s): April 28, 2013
Length: 0:15:49
File: 15.3MB mp3, 14.2MB m4b
Based On: Ring
Author: Speranza
Fandom: Person of Interest
External Links: On AO3
Cover for Ring by Lunate8.jpg

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Ring is a Harold Finch/John Reese podfic by Lunate8 (0:15:49). It is a podfic of the fanfic of the same name, written by Speranza.

Summary: A phone rang. Finch stilled, head tilted, listening. The pay phone was housed on top of a low grey metal stand in front of the corner deli. Instinctively, Reese glanced up and saw the red glowing eye of the camera. Finch had already started for the phone, but Reese put a hand on his shoulder. "It's for me," Reese said.

Recorded for the 2013 amplificathon challenge.

Recs and Reviews

  • This is story that's fairly well in keeping with the tone of the show, and lunate8's reading is appropriate to the setting. This sounds odd to say (to write?) but I buy her readings of John and Harold in this story, though they didn't make sense to me when I read the written story. A large part of both the mythos of the show and of this story revolves around John and Harold each not knowing or quite understanding what the other is up to, and there's one part specifically of the story that's told from John's point of view where John knows what's happening and is keeping it from Harold and from the reader, and as written that frustrated me to no end. Lunate8's reading, though, has an immediacy and a sort of urgent-first-person-self-absorption-(despite-being-told-in-the-third-person) such that I understood why it made sense that John was so caught up in the moment that he didn't need to explain to himself (and therefore the reader) what was going on. Her use of sound effects is sparse but very effective, and it feeds right back into that nearly-first-person-pov thing that is just so cool to listen to :D[1]


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