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Journal Community
Name: ReviewsAnon
Date(s): 18 Nov 2011 -
Moderator: Masked Reviewer
Founder: Masked Reviewer
Type: anonymous fanworks reviewing and reccing comm
Fandom: multifandom
reviewsanon on Delicious

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ReviewsAnon is a LiveJournal community created for the purpose of anonymous discussions and reviews of, as well as recs and requests for recs for, fanfiction (and other fanworks) in all fandoms.

The community was started after discussions at Fail-Fandomanon in November 2011.[1][2] It may be seen as a successor community to LJ comm anonficreviews, which was active in 2010.[3]

To make navigating the threads easier, the community moderator created a delicious account.[4]

Information and Rules

From the first post[5]:

Welcome to ReviewsAnon
A community for all your anonymous reviewing needs! Comment on this post and tell us about fics (and other fanworks) you liked, ones you hated, and ones you're ambivalent about. Any fandom is fair game. I'm not going to split things up; if we get a few pages in I'll pick a bookmarking site and start tagging stuff.

1. Post anonymously. Duh. Anonfails will be deleted.
2. Mean reviews are allowed, angry responses to mean reviews are allowed, heated debate is allowed, but if it degenerates into personal insults or NO U it'll get frozen or deleted.
3. Try to keep the focus on fanworks, not grudgewank.
4. Rules are subject to addendum and mod discretion.

Also, a note about posting format. It would be nice, assuming we reach the tagging stage, if you would put the following info into the header of your comment:

Fandom, Fanwork Title (if it has one)

for the purposes of easy tagging. Maybe later we'll ask for more info in the header, but for now that's good. You can always put more description in the body of the comment. And please LINK TO THE STORY YOU'RE REVIEWING so other people know what you're talking about and have a better chance to judge for themselves.


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