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You may be looking for The Fanzine Review Zine, a Star Trek: TOS reviewzine.

Title: ReviewZine
Publisher: Clarke & Kerr/Medtrek
Editor(s): Susan Batho
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print, then online
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ReviewZine was an Australian reviewzine that contained news of the various club meetings and listed upcoming events. There were also book reviews for sci fi, crime, fantasy and TV shows. It was published by Susan Batho and was initially available with a SASE and a donation for stamps.

It was first issued in print, then online.

It has a fiction sister zine: Medtrek.

Issue 36

ReviewZine 36 was published in July 1995 and contained club meeting news from Sydney (the scifi fi media half of Sydney fandom news). There was also overseas news gleaned from various sources along with 5+ pages of book reviews covering sci fi, crime, fantasy and TV shows such as Quantum Leap.

Issue 39

ReviewZine 39 was published in November 1995.

Issue 40

ReviewZine 40 was published in December 1995. It is here.

Issue 41

ReviewZine 41 was published in March 1996. It is here.

Issue 42

ReviewZine 42 was published in June 1996.

Issue 43

ReviewZine 43 was published in July 1996. It is here.

Issue 44

ReviewZine 44 was published in Sept 1996.

Issue 46

ReviewZine 46 was published in Jan. 1997

Issue 47

ReviewZine 47 was published in July 1997.