Return to Night

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Information about fan response to Mary Renault's modern novel, Return to Night, can be found in the article on Mary Renault's Early Contemporary Novels.
Title: Return to Night
Author(s): arysteia
Date(s): 10 July 2004
Length: 3329 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Mary Renault, Historical RPF
External Links: on author's LJ

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"Return to Night"[1] is a story by arysteia which draws on historical figures Harmodios and Aristogeiton, famous for their tyrannicide, who feature in one of the plot lines in Mary Renault's The Praise Singer. The story focuses on what will be their last night, which they spend together, reflecting on their relationship, slighly apprehensive about what the morning brings, and making love.

Comments by readers include:

  • That was completely fabulous. I love that you wrote about Harmodios and Aristogeiton. But more than that, I love that you got it right - that you included so many things about the attitudes of the Athenians and tied the lovers' personal antagonism towards Hipparchus into the political issue.[2]aleathiel
  • Gorgeously done.[...] Also managed to pour feelings like the ones I had when reading The Last of the Wine.A great bond between two men,and the longing to be free changes their lives.One could have make this too teary or mushy,but you made it balanced.[3]hidden_wolf


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