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You may be looking for Responsibility, a Star Trek: TOS story.

Title: Responsible
Creator: Holdt
Date: Jan 2010
Music: "We Are" by Ana Johnsson
Genre: Gen/Team
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
URL: Responsible by Holdt

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Responsible is a Gen/Team vid by Holdt to We Are by Ana Johnsson.

Summary: Who's really to blame for all the Gould and Ori attacks? Who opened "Pandora's box", and ultimately, who pays the price for hubris? A different perspective.

This vid came as the vidder was pondering some canon 'truths'...and started wondering:

1) What if theyd never gone to Abydos in the 1st place...but some OTHER planet. Perhaps a friendly one?
2) If SG1 had never started a private war with Ra, would the System Lords have descended so terribly (and so immediately) upon the Taur'i? And thus this vid was born.