Rescue Me

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Title: Rescue Me
Author(s): klarolineepiclove
Date(s): Published: Aug 16, 2012
Completed: May 8, 2013
Length: 123,312 words
Genre: het
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
External Links: Link to FFN
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Rescue Me is a Klaroline All Human AU written by klarolineepiclove. The fic won Best AU/AH Fiction in 2013 at Klaroline Awards.


Caroline Forbes is returning to Mystic Falls for the first time in 5 years. She had only one task: stay long enough for her best friend, Stefan's wedding and then get out of dodge. But whether it comes in the form of jealous ex's, meddling siblings, or the handsome mysterious brother of the bride-to-be, she's realizing that some plans don't always go according to plan. AU/AH


After the first draft of chapter 1 was initially posted on FFN some fans pointed out the similaries between the fic and a novel by Rachel Gibson. The author reworked the chapter and added an apology at the end of chapter 1 that read:

So it was brought to my attention that the first chapter of this fic had a lot of similarities to a book by the same title by an author named Rachel Gibson. I looked into it, and sure enough, it was very similar.
When I first started writing this story last year, I had the plot planned out, but had trouble introducing the story. My roommate had been listening to me complain that I couldn't put anything into words, so she helped me by suggesting the original version of this chapter. I loved what she helped me come up with, and didn't give it a second thought. Clearly, I should have, because I loathe plagiarism, and have never wanted to be a part of it.
So I rewrote this chapter, and I apologize for anyone who noticed the similarities and thought I was just ripping off someone else's work.
I sincerely apologize, and hope that this story is still just as enjoyable as it was before.[1]


Telling you right now. I love AU/AH fanfiction when it comes to Klaroline. They are unique and just freaking amazing. This story is one of the. The story keeps you on the end of your seat. Just the summary alone draws you in. The friendship between Stefan and Caroline in this story is everything you love and would love to see. You will be drawn by the mystery of their past. Keeping you guessing about what they are hiding and leaving you with more.[2]
I really loved reading this story. I thought it was really good how you showed both Klaus and Caroline at a point in their lives where they both were broken and felt beyond being anything more. The backstory of what happened to Caroline was sad but I thought it all fit together wonderfully. And then Klaus leaving his family as soon as he turned 18 and that he more or less dropped off from the radar was interesting and really good. And I really enjoyed how things became better for them and how they both were there to help the other out, Klaus with Tyler and the town and Caroline with his Mother.

I loved seeing all things of Klaus/Caroline, from their first meeting with the stun gun comment and ranting about Rebekah to their first interaction both knowing the other to them being together to the end. I loved how they opened up to each other but it wasn't easy and it didn't just happen within the first five seconds. I loved how Klaus got her to be able to talk to him at the end. And their wedding day was perfect for them!

I enjoyed reading the Stefan/Rebekah, Kol/Bonnie, Elijah/Katherine & Finn/Sage as well as the Mikaelsons and Stefan/Caroline friendship.

This was an amazing story and I really loved it![3]
The last 24 hours has been spend by reading this story. This must be the best story in a long time that have made me feel like this. I have even shed some tears when reading some of Carolines passages. I would buy a book if I knew you where the author! Youre writing and storytelling is really good. Wonderful story![3]
I'm crying, I'm crying legitimate tears on my keyboard while I'm writing this. This was just wonderful! You got all of the characters down to a T even when throwing them into completely original ideas. I loved all you references to the show through out the story and I swear the second Klaus and Caroline tire scene was one of the greatest things I have ever read.[3]



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