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Gift Exchange
Name: Remix Revival
Date(s): 2017-present
Runs: Late summer (July-October)
Moderator(s): avocadomoon, Unforgotten
Type: Fanfiction, fanart, matching on fandom only
Scope: Participants remix one of their assigned recipient's works
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: parent collection on AO3
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Remix Revival is an AO3 exchange intended as a replacement for Remix Redux, which was itself inspired by We Invented the Remix. Participants sign up with requests in fandoms for which they have an adequate number of completed works and offers in fandoms they could write a remix for, and are then matched by AO3's matching system. Participants can then write a remix for any work by their assigned recipient (even if it's not a fandom the recip made a request in) as long as the work qualifies for remixing according to the exchange.

Notably, Remix Revival isn't a gift exchange — participants are not allowed to write letters, include DNWs in their sign up, or ask their recip questions about the work they're remixing because the remix they're creating isn't considered a gift to the recipient.