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Mailing List
Name: Red Suits You
Date(s): March 22 1999 (this is the Onelist foundation date, the mailing list may have started earlier) - December 2017
Moderated: yes
Type: fan fiction and discussion
Fandom: Due South
URL: mailing list & archived website * another archived website
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Red Suits You was a Yahoo group that had moderated posting with 536 members at its close. The group's peak period was from 1999-2005. While posting diminished steadily until its close, when it was active it had as many as 3400 messages a month. The list was a "flame/otter-free zone" Due South list, one of the few mailing lists/forums that existed in 1999 that didn't show partisanship in the Ray Wars and advocated tolerance.[1] Founded as a free-speech environment, the mailing list had no restrictions on controversial or off-topic threads. The list-archive of more than 16,000 messages was public, so potential readers could stop by and browse the conversations, but at some point the list became a membership only account.

"This is a safe and creative place to explore our obsession with the Due South series. **We are a Due South fandom neutral zone.** There are no flames, personal attacks, or other such posts permitted on this list. We welcome discussion and fan fic on all DS characters, including Benton Fraser, Meg Thatcher, Ray Vecchio, and Ray Kowalski. Fanfic/posts with descriptive gen or slash content should be labeled as such. Thank you kindly!


In 1999, Amy Player, using one of several pseuds: "Oh, and I must now insert a shameless plug for RSY. Hands down, the BEST fan group on the net for Due South. Completely flame and otter free, you can speak your mind about anything without worrying about getting slammed. Not only that, but we've got one of the best fic forums I've seen anywhere, plus a great list Mom and we have bi-weekly chat. Drop by and check us out! We've doubled in size in the last month, and not lost anyone! That's got to mean something!" [2]

The mailing list also maintained a separate community called PicsSuitYou where members could share screencaps, wallpapers and photos of the actors. Once Yahoogroups stripped archives of the ability to store attachments in 2003, the mailing list petered out in 2005.

A list of abbreviations used on this list is at I still don't..., post by player, September 1, 1999 at


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