Red Pants Monday

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Synonyms: Red Pants
Date Started: September 2011
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See Also: Purple Shirt of Sex
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Red Pants Monday is an activity in Sherlock BBC fandom in which fans drew fanart of John Watson in bright red briefs.

From The Daily Dot:

Reapersun, a well-known Sherlock fandom artist, created the first instance of Watson in red pants just under a year ago (NSFW). The image was immediately popular, but it took a while for it to turn into a fandom-wide trend. When Reaper, along with her friend Sexlock, combined forces to create an art roleplay journal known as reapersex, they started by reintroducing the now-infamous red pants, and soon enough, a meme was born. Lockedin221B was the first person to take the trend and ask, “can we just make Red Pants Monday a thing?” The trend was so popular that it led her to create an entire Tumblr devoted to celebrating fandoms’ days of the week, a concept honoring pre-existing pan-fandom trends (like Penis Friday) as well as new ones. [1]

Example Fanworks

Day 7. Dressed/naked (half dressed), Archived version by BlueBellGlowingInTheDarkFandom: SherlockDate: September 17, 2012Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
NSFW! 30 days OTP challenge.


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