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Title: Rebound
Publisher: Maverick Press
Author(s): Natasha Barry
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): undated, posted online in 2006
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
External Links: now online & Link to online flyer with story summaries
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Rebound is a 103-page slash Crockett/Castillo novel by Natasha Barry.

From the publisher: "Crockett/Castillo. Hell, if Castillo were going to support anyone, it would be Crockett. Always had been, from day one, or day two or three, considering the newly assigned Head arrived just as Crockett was being framed as a cop on the take. It was not exactly the best form of introduction. Still, it had been Tubbs who'd managed to irritate, even enrage the Lieutenant, not Crockett. Crockett could have temper tantrums and faulty memories and self-destructive love affairs, but none of that ever seemed to bother Castillo."

Reactions and Reviews

I always love the tension, the feelings of any story especially slash, then the sex. I am not a big one on a lot of sex, more for what I just said. You did this well. I felt the tension, the confusion and even the uncertainty as Crockett went off with Sally and didn't do anything with Martin. The dynamics in this story are truly wonderful. Evan coming into Sonny's dreams, teasing him, warning him and then leaving when Sonny is no longer the fool, another wonderful touch. I also loved how you brought Gina into this again to and them agreeing not to repeat their affair. But how you had everyone's inner thought going. I loved the vision of Sonny the singer..mmmm! But how he was losing himself in so many ways and Castillo saw this and worried. I was surprised at Castillo's forwardness with Sonny and how Sonny forgave him so fast. Again I love the emotion and the tension it's more of a turn on than the actual sex parts...but you did that well too . You did a fantastic job and I wish you'd write more you do the characters so well. thanks for posting. [1]
I love Sonny and martin together. I think they would look so hot in bed. Very involved detailed story, really enjoyed it. [2]
And here I earlier thought you didn't have a Crockett/Castillo story! It was a nice surprise. Interesting character studies. I was wondering if Crockett truly was attracted to Castillo though or why he was there. I suppose Crockett was still confused himself in the end. I'd be curious to see if you ever wrote anything where Crockett is the one pursuing Castillo. Hmmm, with your depth of character development in stories it would be fascinating to see. [3]
It's really nice and also a treat to see my favorite pairing Crockett/Castillo. Great story. Loved it. [4]
An serious character study, motivations, confusions, confrontations. It is a well written story and more about the inside of the character's heads and hearts than any case. I enjoyed reading it. [5]


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