Reaper's Blossom

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Title: Reaper's Blossom
Creator: TwistedGrimTV
Date: 24/08/2016
Length: 0:49
Fandom: Overwatch

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Reaper's Blossom is an Overwatch animatic by TwistedGrimTV. It features Gabriel Reyes and uses music by The Living Tombstone featuring his in-game lines.

The creator's description is: "So after a quick brainstorming at TheJamCave HQ, we decided that our next theme for TheJamCave was a play of the game from the game Overwatch. HBruna gave me the idea to animate a dancing reaper and this is what happened."

Reactions and Reviews

From werk_lerker:

So he's a Grammaton Cleric from Equilibrium. I knew that Gun Kata looked familiar.

Cool video!

from original character:

this was worth 2 years of waiting