Realm of the Elderlings

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Name: Realm of the Elderlings
Creator: Robin Hobb
Date(s): 1995-
Medium: Book
Country of Origin: US
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Realm of the Elderlings is the setting of several interconnected fantasy series by Robin Hobb, including including the Farseer trilogy, the Liveship Traders, the Tawny Man, the Rain Wild Chronicles, and the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy. This world was once inhabited by the eponymous Elderlings, fantastical beings closely allied with dragons, whose civilization collapsed following a massive earthquake. In the centuries following the Elderlings' decline, new kingdoms arise, and the series' protagonists struggle to understand and restore all that has been lost.

The majority of the novels are from the perspective of FitzChivalry Farseer, the bastard son of the ruling family of the Six Duchies who is trained as a warrior and assassin in service to his nation, and explore his lifelong relationships with his complicated heritage, his bonded wolf Nighteyes, and the Fool, an albino with a mysterious past who believes Fitz is the Catalyst destined to transform the world. Other books focus on the traders of nearby Bingtown, their magical "liveships," and the corrosive rivers of the Rain Wilds whose secrets are the main source of their wealth.

A full list of entries, including short stories, can be found here.


Despite Robin Hobb's very public antagonism towards transformative works (especially fanfiction), many fanworks exist for this series, particular of FitzChivalry Farseer and the Fool.

Although the Fool's gender is never revealed in canon, Fitz/Fool is the most popular pairing (often, but not always interpreted as slash by fans).

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