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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Ravage
Author(s): Shelley Butler
Date(s): 2000
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Ravage is a Kirk/Spock story by Shelley Butler.

It was published in the print zine First Time #51.


"Kirk is twice raped by Kor while he and Spock are on Organia, the entire consequences of which donʼt become apparent until theyʼve been back on the ship for a few days."

Reactions and Reviews

I can't believe Kirk would use such language. An occasional "shit" could come out, but not that kind of language. Not even those Klingon hormones he's affected with can serve as an excuse for him using abusive language. It just isn't him. Strangely enough, I can see his rape of Spock as an immediate result of that hormonal infestation because in his heart he'd wanted Spock all along and now the civilized barriers have been cut down and need reigns uppermost. He is ruthless enough for that to be the result.

The doctor should've confined Kirk to his cabin to sweat out the hormonal upheaval before something irreparable happened with officers and crew. Instead he leaves him on duty.

What happened to unarmed combat techniques and martial arts? Aren't Starfleefs finest being trained in those disciplines anymore? How can Kirk be subdued so easily? Strength against strength, he might lose, but there are enough ways to get free from an opponent withoutthe use of brute force.

Why would Spock leave like that? When Kirk told him he'd wanted him, that this was the reason he went after him and not some other crewperson, I thought they would talk about it and try to breach the distance between them and then I got the impression that Spock was willing.

Resignation? Why would Spock have to resign? What happened to good old transfer? And why would Spock have to go if Kirk is the culprit?

The idea of Kirk and Kor is intriguing, but it's over and done with too soon. I think I remember there's a whole section between Kor first laying eyes on Kirk, and the scene where the Organians tell Kor who Kirk really is. The tension hasnt had a proper build-up. Events move too abruptly.

I like the love scene between Kirk and Spock—that wasn't hurried at all. I also wish I could've been privy to Spock's mental processes along the road. [1]
I love this, and was so glad to have a Shelley Butler story after an interminable absence. As I read it today, I kept clutching my breast (a variation on carpet- thrashing).

By the way, I'm not going to worry in this LOC about if someone hasn't read this.

I love the writing and the drama. But the drama doesn't feel forced; it feels like the person's real thoughts-Kirk's, in the opening, his thoughts about Spock, how stunning he looks. How could Kirknot think so, on Organia with Spock in tights? Kirk's fantasies about Spock are erotic in a pleasing, understated way. (I so prefer understated than overdone or over- explained.) Also, the fantasies are integrated well into the action that's going on.

If I may make this observation, all the writing here is (relatively) understated, a far cry from the passionate, torrid, fervent, flaming purple of Shelley's humble beginnings. When you use just the right words, you don't have to use four adjectives and then repeat the idea a different way, and maybe yet again for good measure, to be sure we get it.

After a rich and quiet set-up in Kirk's thoughts and feelings, the story is great, adding some behind-the- scenes to the episode, adding "act five" stuff also, yet highlighting what actually is in the episode. A great scene of Kirk trying not to reveal himself as the Klingons take Spock, take his friend, this man he's having very strong feelings for lately.

This Kirk is written so vividly. Well, Kor is, too -- portrayed exactly as in the episode, the nasty guy-but here we learn there's more to his agenda than we saw. What surprise and shock as Kor comes on to Kirk...as Kor rapes Kirk-oh my! This is beautifully written in Kirk's feelings, his thinking about Spock. And then when Kor has Spock brought in and makes him watch! I love the picture of Spock keeping his eyes on Kirk's face, tactfully not looking down at Kirk with his pants still around his ankles.

I also appreciate how Kirk isn't traumatized (except physically) by this rape. He is a brave Starfleet officer who will endure what he has to endure. The only trauma he feels is that Spock should have to witness this, Spock with his sensitivities. I love moments such as when their eyes meet. It's so powerful when they're forced to share such a raw, naked indignity.

But then, the story continues to get even more interesting. Not that there would be anything wrong with Kirk and Spock just quietly resolving this trauma within their friendship and moving beyond, but here we get a really interesting turn of events, a s things turn out, though at first we don't know what the fuck's up with him, why he's acting such a bastard. So along with Kirk's hostile tirades, we also get Spock's wonderful pain. (Two middle scenes are in Spock's POV, though more of the story is in Kirk's.)

Again, Kirk is so vivid, later in the story, back on the ship. I could really see this smarmy captain who comes to Spock ostensibly to apologize for cussing him out earlier. It was just like when the wolf Kirk was all smiling and "sincere" and nice...but with the predator right there lying in wait below the surface. Shelley has this Kirk act and talk exactly like that, and it really comes across.

Another mystery upon the mystery of why he's so hostile, is why he has super-strength all of a sudden, how he can overpower Spock...and rape him. Oh my yes. Beautiful Spock thoughts here, about his not really, in his heart of hearts, wanting to get away. Hot sex scene, very delicious, but just as beautiful is how they fall asleep in each other's arms.

However, their come is like "thick glue"?? A similar sort was okay for the Klingon I think, but not Kirk's and Spock's, please.

So all of this still has to be resolved. McCoy has a nice part but not overly intruding. I like scenes such as this withMcCoy because he brings out a vulnerability in Spock we don't otherwise see all that much, because McCoy forces it when he must, pushes Spock, isn't respectful of his sensibilities a s Kirk (usually) is.

Kirk may recover, yet still it isn't easy between them. Such poignant moments, when Kirk believes he has lost Spock. But the last scene gives us a lovely, tense atmosphere, played out really nicely, the tenseness, Kirk trying to explain, the tenseness...until Spock grabs Kirk and kisses him! Loved it. One of those times where it's as surprising to us as it must be to Kirk.

It's of course interesting that Shelley has Kirk feeling he wants to be "ravaged like a woman." It's funny how we (the feminist we) can let Kirk feel that, not get our hackles up. This is not a statement of Shelley's on the state of women in our society, nor in Kirk's society. I feel this is a gut feeling of Kirk's that makes sense in the context of his life, and I understand his feeling this.

Lovely sex; lovely ending. The whole story was good, clean writing, well-paced and dramatic. And every moment has nice lightand shadow (like Shelley's art, if I may make an analogy). What should be in the light, is; with unsaid things being the shading that gives dimension. Shelley's being an artist is one reason she's such a fascinating writer. [2]
Shelley Butler's story "Ravage" is 19 pages long. It starts on Organia just shortly before Kor meets Barona (Kirk) and Spock, a dealer in kivas and trillium. They are betrayed, and Kor takes Kirk with him, and Spock is imprisoned. Beware that I give away plot details so you may not want to read this LOC.

Kor rapes Kirk. Then he orders Spock brought in and forces Kirk to suck him (Kor) in front of Spock and then he rapes Kirk a second time. Kirk passes out.

The story then moves to the Enterprise, and Kirk and Spock are in Kirk's cabin talking. The story continues, but Kirk is obviously not our Kirk. He is mean, and he even ends up raping Spock.

The story's next part concerns McCoy talking to Spock trying to piece everything together. It turns out that the KJingons have a form of pon farr and evidently Kor was in it. The problem is that Klingons can pass this on to their victims, and basically Kirk has a form of Klingon pon farr.

Kirk eventually recovers from the "pon farr," and the story then continues with Spock coming to Kirk's quarters for another talk Kirk apologizes, which Spock accepts. However, Kirk then explains that he chose Spock because he only wanted Spock. Spock leaves the cabin.

The story then shifts to Kirk on some planet having shore leave or something similar. He is thinking about Spock, and it just so happens that Spock arrives fairly soon. The story ends with a very nice sex scene.

This has both rough sex, Kor raping Kirk and Kirk raping Spock, and loving romantic sex, Kirk and Spock, of course. (You didn't think I was going to say Kor and Kirk, did you?) This story has something for everyone. [3]
This story is by one of my favorite authors. It's set during the Klingon occupation of Organia. Kirk is raped twice by Kor, the second time witnessed by Spock, before the Organians step in. Unknown at that time, though, is that with Kof's semen also contains a potent dose of Klingon hormones. These hormones turn Kirk very aggressive and super strong. The result is Kirk being nasty with his crew, cursing, and eventually he turns on Spock. He feigns an apology, drugs Spock's drink, and binds him to his own bed, where Kirk rapes the Vulcan.

I like how Spock at first struggles, and then is eagerly responding to Kirk. Spock acknowledges to himself he wasn't really raped—he had wanted Kirk for so long. Kirk's guilt is very real, though, once the hormones wear off. I like this scene in his cabin, where even as he's trying to think of how he'll face Spock, what he'll say, he's thinking of how it felt, and he's all aroused. When Spock does arrive they talk, and Kirk admits that no matter how the hormones affected him, he wanted Spock. It takes a little time, but Spock eventually comes back to Kirk to tell him his truth.

And what a truth! Spock grabs Kirk and kisses him. Talking is over and time for action. Hot action. "Kirk felt his cock harden again when hot moist fingers pried open the muscled anal rim and delved inside. No fear, no pain, only the rush of pleasure as Spock's fingers prepared him. Prepared him to be fucked. To be ravaged."

You need a cool-down after this story. Really great! [4]
Spock looked stunning, the story begins. And so did Kirk, because the stage for this play is Errand of Mercy and the costumes do remarkable things for our favorite star travelers. Problem is, sometimes you can look a bit too stunning and attract attention you would rather not have. Such is the case when the Military Governor of Organia finds Kirk a temptation he cannot resist. The episode dialogue is used in a seamless way with the writer’s quite different story line, bringing a sparkling sense of reality to all that occurs on the planet.

Kirk is subjected to terrible trauma at the hands of the lust-crazed Kor. But he faces it as the strong commander that he is, seeing himself through a brutal rape by clinging to the knowledge that Spock is safe in another part of the compound, unaware of this horror. His resolve is fractured, his strength of will tested to the limits when Spock is brought to the room to witness the brutality. The Organians intervene, of course, but the pain is only beginning. A new twist awaits when the pair returns to the Enterprise. Appalling things begin to happen to Kirk’s personality, he is cruel and thoughtless to his crew and if possible his behavior toward Spock is worse, resulting in a horrific scene between them. As Spock puts it later to McCoy, the Captain “has his way” with the Vulcan. I hate seeing Kirk like this. He is my hero and I can find no reason compelling enough for him to act with anything but love toward his First Officer. This time, however, the cause is a unique one and allows some level of acceptance from both Spock and the reader.

Throughout it all, one thing is strikingly clear: Spock’s love for Kirk will overcome anything and everything that fate throws at them. I’m a sucker for reunions, and Ravage treats us to exactly that. Once more, the love that consumes us all as fans of K/S wins out in the end, leaving us with the sure knowledge that tomorrow is another and better day for our heroes. [5]


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