Rake It In

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Title: Rake It In
Creator: Andrea (thedothatgirl)
Date: 2009
Format: Digital
Length: 4:00
Music: Rake It In by Imogen Heap
Genre: gen
Fandom: Dollhouse
URL: Art of Vidding, Archived version, YouTube
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Rake It In is a gen Dollhouse vid by Andrea. It won several vidding awards, including the Best Video Award at MVA Awards and the Best Action award at Beneath the Rose Awards.


[Beneath the Rose Awards]:

I really love how you captured the essence of what it would be like to be a doll. As well as how used and manipulated they are by the people around them. You did an excellent job of showing their pain and confusion, while still managing to present them as they are in their “active” state. Which only made their situation sadder to watch. I also loved your use of overlays. They added a whole new dimension to the vid that otherwise would not have been present. I especially liked the overlay you did for the scraping sound in the song. It was really cool and helped make your vid something special.

[Chosen One Awards]:

The start and the ending of this video were really well thought of. I thought the song choice fit the show perfectly. I think it is hard to vid to Dollhouse but you made this so well you obviously don’t have the same problem. I loved your matching of scenes to ‘rake it in’, very apt!

[BBM Awards]:

Cec: Beautiful overlays! I love all the effects you use. The scenes work perfectly with the sounds of the song and the edits slow smoothly with the rhythm. This is a unique video that held my interest the whole time! The awesome visual effects combined with a song that isn't your typical "vid" song created an awesome experience! I love the editing on the sequence about 2:20 seconds in when the song picks up and the editing is fast and furious! Amazing work!! I love the whole ending sequence. Beautifully done!

[MVA Awards]:

This video was absolutely stunning. From an editing, music selection, scene selection, and storytelling aspect it's beautiful and your visual effects though subtle were perfectly chosen. Dollhouse for it's short run is a fairly complex show and I think you captured it's esscence. I was very impressed by your music selection because lyrically you couldn't have chose a better song for this fandom and I feel that even people who are unaware of the shows concept can clearly understand the story. I also admire the very dream like atmosphere you created and how you portrayed each of the actives against the dollhouse. My favorite part is 1:50-2:35. Very Creative. This sequence is fast paced and has an interesting climax. Great Job, Andrea!