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Mailing List
Name: RGBFanfic
Date(s): created January 2000 and was most active until about 2009
Founder(s): Labidolemur
Fandom: The Real Ghostbusters
URL: Info
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RGBFanfic was a Real Ghostbusters Yahoo! Group.


1. Posting of RGB fan fiction is the main point of this list, but the topic sometimes wanders. Keep it to Ghostbusters and writing, and you will be fine. Off-topic or arguementative threads will be quashed at any time it is deemed neccessary by the moderators.

2. Be polite. Feedback is welcome, *flames* are not. If you do not WANT feedback on your stories, say so in the disclaimer. If you want only praise, say so. Otherwise, you're open to whatever feedback you get.

3. Please follow the format guidelines, which will be included in the bi-weekly post. This includes labelling your stories for content, and NOT posting stories that violate the guidelines (If you're not sure, ask the moderators first.)

4. Have fun, and post a lot.